Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía organizes a blockchain consortium in Málaga.

Blockchain has arrived in Malaga. The Technology Park of Andalusia (PTA), a business center specialized in information and communication technologies, announced the launch of a blockchain consortium for small and medium-sized companies.

The program is titled “Peers to blockchain (P2B)” and began on May 16 in Malaga, calling on Spanish companies belonging to the PTA or the European Horizon 2020 project. CriptoNoticias contacted Sonia Palomo Das Neves, Deputy Director of Technology and Relations Internationals of the PTA, who gave us more details about the consortium.

Peers to blockchain is an international initiative that is backed by Horizon2020. This project of the European Union has financed various technological initiatives since 2014 with a budget of more than 80 billion euros. In the case of P2B, Palomo Das Neves highlighted that the consortium aims to promote innovative solutions and new developments related to blockchain.

The program will last one year, starting this May and ending in April of the year 2020. Sonia Palomo certified that representatives from the Technoport University of Luxembourg and the Algarve in Portugal are participating in the consortium. A score of companies belonging to the PTA also participate, since this center houses Spanish firms in medicine, design, telecommunications and even agri-food.

The program will allow companies to define a blockchain ecosystem depending on the sector to which they are dedicated and the region in which they work, said the deputy director. The participants will also identify in which sector it is more beneficial to apply blockchain technology for their companies. In this way, counselors and participants will develop solutions based on this technology, as well as methodologies and research manuals.

Palomo Das Neves stressed that blockchain technologies have the capacity to transform transaction and management systems. It is due to this potential that the Technological Park of Andalusia has become increasingly involved with this ecosystem:

“The PTA has understood the strategic importance of this disruptive technology, and hence its interest in promoting the exchange of knowledge and promoting its development from the technopolis; a fact that helps to position Malaga and Andalusia as strategic centers of Blockchain.”

In addition to this consortium, the PTA also recently held a blockchain event at the University of Malaga. On May 16th the “Blockchain APTE International Conference” was held in the studio. An academic initiative that goes hand in hand with other Andalusian projects specialized in this technology, such as the professional blockchain workshops offered by the Junta de Andalucía.


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