South Africa and Nigeria are the countries that most search for “Bitcoin” in Google.

South Africa and Nigeria are the countries with the largest number of Internet users interested in Bitcoin during the month of May, according to Google data. The volume of queries on the term “Bitcoin” has increased considerably in recent months, leading the most popular searches of these nations.

Google Trends shows that the word “Bitcoin” has been one of the most consulted by residents of Nigeria and South Africa in the last 30 days. Google uses a measure of interest that indicates whether a term is popular in a specific population, weighting the word with the value of 1 to 100. A high rating means that Internet users in that territory have consulted the term a large number of times in relation to the total of consultations made by said population.

Nigeria and South Africa got the highest weight of Google Trends on May 17 for queries of the word Bitcoin. As if that were not enough, the application also positions them as the two countries where the term Bitcoin is more popular in the search engines, weighing them with the number 100 and 75 respectively.

Nigerian Internet users have also made inquiries related to investment issues and blockchain technology. Likewise, bitcoin ATMs (ATM) have been reported, although this nation does not have any ATM enabled in its territory according to records of CoinATMRadar. Other popular searches are the price of BTC in dollars and Naina, the national currency of Nigeria.

As for South Africa, the highest peak of popularity was recorded on May 17, the date on which a greater proportion of users consulted the term Bitcoin nationwide. The users also visited relational information at the price of BTC in dollars, cryptocurrency trading techniques and news related to the ecosystem.

The annual records of Google Trends reveal a pattern of behavior in both countries, where the largest number of queries, in terms of interest, about Bitcoin occurs when the price of the cryptoactive has increased. Nigeria and South Africa reported an increase in interest in Bitcoin for December 2017, registering a volume analogous to today’s. This behavior is not exclusive to emerging countries, but rather a pattern at an international level.

Ghana is another of the African countries that stands out in the Google Trends data. In the last twelve months, Ghana became the third country with the greatest interest in Bitcoin worldwide. However, the interest of Ghanaians has been concentrated between September 2018 and recently in May 2019, with declining popularity in the other months.

Google data reinforces studies conducted last year by companies such as Global Digital and Luno, who suggested that cryptocurrencies generated greater interest in populations of emerging economies. The reports claimed that the population of South Africa, Thailand and even Latin American countries such as Colombia were more interested in applying blockchain to their services than European states.

Beyond these claims, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands are other territories whose inhabitants are more interested in Bitcoin in the last 30 days.


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