They stop for alleged fraud to CEO of Venezuelan cryptocurrency company

On May 16, members of the brigade against organized crime of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations Corps (CICPC) of Venezuela captured the CEO of Coinvest, Johan Infante, for fraud. According to the information published so far, the subject would have defrauded thousands of dollars to alleged investors of the company in various parts of the country.

According to the Agencia Carabobeña de Noticias (ACN), Infante would have received several hundred thousand dollars from its investors, through the cryptocurrency trading, with the offer of attractive profit margins.

After the agreed deadline expired, Infante did not reimburse the money or deliver the profits, says ACN.

Infante, who identifies himself as “Guru in Criptoactives” through social networks, received the currency and changed it to cryptocurrencies to make investments in the aforementioned firm. For the alleged embezzlement, he would have been helped by the company’s administrator, Dianny Gutiérrez, according to those reported by ACN on May 17.

Gutiérrez is under investigation for these acts, although so far it has not been reported that she has been detained by the authorities.

Infante’s investigation is carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office 8th. of Carabobo. CriptoNoticias tried to contact representatives of that institution via telephone and did not receive any answers.

According to an analyst of the company, who preferred to remain anonymous, the company’s website, Coinvest employees do not have details about what happened. They do not know if the detention of Infante is due to a campaign to discredit the company, he said.

“We are employees and we do not handle that information, nor have we had direct contact with clients who invest in the company,” the worker said. In addition, the analyst added that, so far, they have not been able to confirm the apprehension of Infante.

Source: Criptonoticias

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