Bitcoin Pizza Day will be celebrated with charitable events in Chile and Argentina.

The pizzas that Laszlo Hanyecz bought for about 10,000 BTC in 2010 became a milestone in the history of bitcoin, because it represented one of the first commercial transactions made with the pioneer cryptocurrency. The bitcoiners, in commemoration, celebrate the May 22 Bitcoin Pizza Day, an event that will count this year with charitable events in Chile and Argentina.

In addition to a meeting with pizzas and talks about Bitcoin, the NGOs Bitcoin Chile and Bitcoin Argentina will donate funds to soup kitchens and foundations of homeless people. Both institutions will celebrate the day doubly and “will return a little of what they have gained (in the crypto market) to society,” Miguel Klagges, president of Bitcoin Chile, told CriptoNoticias.

Bitcoin Chile closed an alliance to take the charity event with a newly formed charity, called Pro Ayuda Gente de Calle. The group is responsible for conducting rounds through the city of Santiago de Chile delivering food to people in street situations.

Tomorrow, May 22, at 1:00 in the afternoon, Bitcoin Chile will meet at the Plaza de Armas in Santiago to distribute pizzas with volunteers from Pro Ayuda Gente de Calle. Also, users from other countries interested in helping this conference can donate BTC to the purse of the organization, said Klagges.

Like last year, ONG Bitcoin Chile will also celebrate the Bitcoin Pizza Day in a more private event in the afternoon. All the people who acquire a ticket of 4,000 Chilean pesos will be able to attend the Bitcoin Chile offices, where the event will take place. “The money raised from the tickets will be sent to Pro Ayuda Gente de Calle so that they can buy a coffeepot or cooler,” Klagges said, adding: “The event will also be attended by a cryptocurrency expert from the United States who will speak about them to the public”.

The CEO of Bitcoin Chile believes that May 22 has become an anecdotal day for the cryptocurrency community. In view of the fact that the price of pizzas paid by Hanyecz 9 years ago assigned to the BTC a negligible price (between 0.3 and 0.4 cents of USD) it is notorious the increase of its price until the vicinity of USD 8,000 at present , which represents a 199,999,900% increase. In this sense, Klagges considers that this day is ideal to return what has been won to society and contribute to the most needy.

The non-profit organization Bitcoin Argentina also has a charitable plan for next May 22. The foundation enabled a wallet in the donation platform based on blockchain, GiveTrack, to raise funds in BTC and dollars.

NGO Bitcoin Argentina plans to raise about USD 5,000 with this initiative. The funds raised will be delivered to the dining rooms “El sol, vos y yo” and “Patujú” located in the city of Buenos Aires. According to information from the initiative, the creators hope to deliver 50 kilos of milk, 20 liters of oil and 36 cans of puree, among other basic provisions.

In the collection, users from all over the world can participate until Wednesday, when the initiative is closed. Givetrack statistics reveal the initiative has raised a total of $ 437 in BTC.


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