Max Keizer: the institutional FOMO will lead to larger movements for Bitcoin

The presenter of Russia Today and one of the first people to publicly endorse Bitcoin (BTC), Max Keizer, has reaffirmed his belief that Bitcoin can exceed $ 100,000. The long-term advocate of the most popular cryptographic asset declared that institutional investors are likely to drive the price even higher than what was seen during recent price spikes, as the “fear of getting lost” soars among those who have more money.

Keizer also stated that the December minimum of $ 3,200 would serve as the last fund for BTC. For him, the price will only continue to rise from here as Bitcoin captures a portion of the more traditional stock markets.

Keizer bought Bitcoin for a dollar and is still about to sell a Satoshi

The long-term Bitcoin advocate and Russia Today journalist Max Keizer recently appeared in a Kitco News segment that analyzes the space of encryption assets. In the city due to the Blockchain Week in New York that was being celebrated at the moment, Keizer wore a pristine white suit and an impressive Bitcoin tie for the occasion.

First he was asked about where the BTC price was headed, to which the crypto evangelist stated that the recent announcement that the Federal Reserve was going to allow a permanent quantitative easing was a sign that the previous Bitcoin minimum of $ 3,200 last December was the last fund, or lowest price in the market. It refers to the policy as:

    “Totally irresponsible, global scams”.

Keizer believes that hunger for a value-storage asset is growing as the world continues to deny, and investors are looking for alternative ways to protect their wealth. He argues that gold is too manipulated for many. For the RT News presenter, this will ultimately lead to an increased demand for Bitcoin:

    “To capture a part of the gold market, we are talking about $ 60, $ 70, $ 80, $ 100,000 for Bitcoin.”

The presenter then asked Keizer about his long-term outlook and whether he had made gains in any of the previous bull markets. Keizer replied simply:

    “I have not sold any Bitcoin because my target price is $ 100,000 and more.”

He went on to argue that if Bitcoin continues to prove to be a value store and market capitalization continues to grow as he expects, BTC will be more useful. Since more money will be needed to move the market in any meaningful way, the volatility will be greatly reduced to $ 100,000 and more Bitcoin prices. This will make it more usable as a means of exchange. Eventually, this will lead to it being considered a unit of account, since the products can be easily priced into stable assets.

Just as the “fear of getting lost” in the retail sector caused the price of Bitcoin to skyrocket in late 2017, Keizer believes that the same phenomena of the common market will occur during the next bullfight only this time with institutional investors. With the likes of TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Bakkt and others, all were positioned to take advantage of the institutional demand of BTC, once those with the deepest pockets begin to think that Bitcoin is the essential investment, the price could reach this level of $ 100,000. Faster than most people think possible.

Traditional financial systems are sending signals that worry investors, it is possible that the price of bitcoin will shoot at prices never seen before, while each investor does his own research to make the best decision. It is waiting for new announcements.


Disclaimer: This press release is for informational purposes information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of infocoin, and should not be attributed to, Infocoin

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