Samsung plans to add cryptocurrency portfolio to other phones in the Galaxy line.

Samsung Electronics has plans to incorporate crypto-buckets to other models of the Galaxy mobile phone line, after the launch of the Galaxy S10, which included a cold wallet named Knox, created by the company itself to manage the user’s private keys without an Internet connection.

The company is in the process of “gradually” expanding the use of blockchain technology on its smartphones “to reduce barriers to new experiences” from its users, according to Chae Won-cheol, manager of the Unit’s Product Strategy Team. Wireless Business, according to an article published this April 13 and cited by the local business Business Korea.

Likewise, highlights Won-cheol, expect that these activities of Samsung serve as “base” to drive further growth of the ecosystem of blockchain technology, through developers and emerging companies.

On the other hand, there is an expansion in the use of the capabilities of block chain technology in aspects such as data security. In addition, they will explore other blockchain potentialities, as the executive believes that “there is a growing interest in how the ecosystem surrounding blockchain technology will change our daily life”.

Finally, Won-cheol explained that the initial launch for the Galaxy S10 was the first step for the activation of the blockchain ecosystem in its line of smartphones. In fact, at the end of April, an anonymous source quoted by a specialized media said that Samsung planned to launch its own chain of blocks based on Ethereum, which would be its own cryptocurrency, a token called Samsung Coin.


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