Version 1.0 of Hyperledger Iroha brings support for Windows

After two years of development, the distributed book Hyperledger Iroha reached version 1.0. This solution, according to The Linux Foundation, seeks to serve as an infrastructure for application developers to manage projects with distributed accounting technology.

According to the Hyperledger team, the release of version 1.0 of Iroha has a scalable consensus protocol of its own, called YAC Consensus. This book now has full functionality with multifirm transactions and offers support to client libraries with a language other than C ++, such as Java, JS, Python and iOs. In the same way, it offers experimental support for Windows environments, because until now Iroha only worked with Linux and MacOS.

The development of Iroha began in 2017, after overcoming revisions of legal aspects and coverage of tests. Its development involved the participation of companies associated with the Hyperledger Project such as Soramitsu, Ikioo and NSD. Currently, these three companies are listed as users of the platform that promises to create a network in just 10 minutes.

Hyperledger Project was born in 2016 with the intention of becoming an umbrella project for multiple solutions based on distributed accounting for companies. The project, carried out by The Linux Foundation, already has services such as Fabric, Sawtooh and Composer that bring distributed accounting records to companies interested in managing their finances, supply chains and manufacturing through DLT.

Source: Criptonoticias

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