Colombian researchers backed by the IMF will begin studies on blockchain.

The Colombian government will have a fourth industrial revolution center that includes distributed accounting technology or blockchain among its topics of interest. This center will be the fifth of its kind in the world and will be operating from next week in the city of Medellín.

The Regional Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution will host the studies of new technologies not only for Colombia but for all Latin American countries, said the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia, José Manuel Restrepo, quoted by RCN Radio.

On blockchain, the technology used by cryptocurrencies, Restrepo stressed that this “allows improving transparency, for example, in public purchases”, as an advantage to be explored for the development of the region.

Similarly, the Colombian official stressed that these facilities will also be used for topics such as the Internet of things or artificial intelligence, as well as the possibility of creating smart cities.

This will be the fifth center of its kind in the world. So far, there are in China, the United States, Japan and India. In addition, already in January it had been announced that next to the Colombian center there are also plans for the construction of one in the Arab Emirates and another in Israel.

The Colombian city was chosen last November, after a meeting between a local delegation and delegates from the World Economic Forum. The latter is the space where the term of the Fourth Industrial Revolution was born, which is also named as Revolution 4.0. This refers to the confluence of new technologies that are already changing the world. Among them, it highlights precisely the chain of blocks.


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