Bitcoin exceeds USD $ 5,500, its best price since 5 months

A good part of the crypto market was carried away by the increase in the main currency.

On April 22 many celebrated the increase of Bitcoin, because on April 23 they will celebrate even more, since the price achieves its highest record of the last 5 months. Since mid-November 2019 the main cryptocurrency had failed to exceed USD $ 5,500 and today it does.

When it is 7:00 am in New York, Bitcoin is priced at USD $ 5,575.75, 4.72% more than yesterday at the same time. The market is active and in the last 24 hours transactions have been made on USD $ 16 billion. The capitalization market is USD $ 98.4 billion, so it is still close to overcoming the barrier of USD $ 100 billion.

According to analysts, it is fundamentally the dynamics of the market (see the prices rise at the beginning of the week) which attracted the attention of investors to buy. Well we wrote last week that a lot of investors – many beginners – react when the market goes up.

Altcoins up and down

Bitcoin is not alone in this increase, about 60 of the top 100 crypto currencies rose with it. It is rare that it is not a larger number, as is often the case. Among those that increased stand out in the top ten Ethereum, with a rise of 2.34%, Bitcoin Cash of 3.30%, EOS of 2.38%, Litecoin of 1.96% and Cardano of 3.62%. As we can see, all percentages lower than Bitcoin.

However, it is worth noting that on this occasion approximately 40 of the top 100 cryptocurrencies fell in price, including XRP, which fell by 0.12%, Binance by 1.57%, Tron by 0.35%. The truth is not numbers to be alarmed. Of the top 25 there is only a strong decrease in Basic Attention Token, which fell 7.73% in the last 24 hours.

The dominance of the Bitcoin market is 53.3%.


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