The dynamic Internet duo: Cryptocurrencies and e-commerce

In recent years it has become quite clear that e-commerce is the present and future of retailers worldwide. The ease of searching for the products you want from the comfort of your home and being able to buy them with just one click is an advantage that today’s society does not want to give up.

Therefore, now if a store wants to be really competitive, it must have the option to buy through its website. But now a new variable is added to this equation: cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrencies are considered by more and more people as the “future of money” and even cataloged as symbols of innovation, which is why several retailers and companies have decided to adopt them. In fact, some studies suggest that 50% of the global economy for 2025-2027 will be covered by digital currencies, which places even more emphasis on its importance for the future of commercial transactions.

As both elements (both electronic commerce and cryptocurrencies), are considered key to the future of humanity, many of the enthusiasts of innovation are waiting for a movement of “synergy” between the two.

This union has not yet occurred in its entirety, but every day there are more companies that include the option of digital currencies among their payment methods in their electronic platforms.

The process has been relatively slow because most of the platforms were not adequate to accept cryptographic payments and did not have the security protocols necessary to operate with this type of assets. However, currently the situation is changing and more and more are including technologies such as Blockchain to make this type of payments a reality.

For example, the payment giant Visa, announced that this year it would include blockchain technology to facilitate the realization of payments with different digital tokens. Similarly, e-commerce portals such as Amazon, Alibaba and Flipkar have invested heavily in Blockchain to develop DLT-based solutions that help in this type of commerce.

This new great dynamic duo can create a complete revolution in the Internet, not only because it will change the way in which electronic commerce is perceived, but because it can be a crucial point for the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies.


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