Bitcoin for Notre Dame! France contemplates donations in cryptoactive

The French authorities would be open to include the option of donations with cryptocurrencies to rebuild the cathedral of Notre Dame, which lost part of its structure during a fire on Monday, April 15.

French Digital Affairs Minister, Cédric O, said the local government is willing to enter into dialogue with cryptocurrency platforms to achieve the inclusion of cryptoactives, Bloomberg reported Wednesday.

“We are open to discuss with others. I think the more people we bring, the more money we can raise”, said Cédric O, Minister of Digital Affairs, France

According to O, the potential donations in cryptoactives would have the same conditions as the rest. They could not have commissions, the money raised would have to go through the four organizations approved by the government for the collection and the donors would have to provide their information for the tax deductions.

This same Wednesday, the European nation put into operation the website so that interested parties can make their donations. The authority assured that in view of the short time for the creation of the portal, not all the options were worked on, which does not prevent a future inclusion of the cryptoactives.

In the cryptoecosystem, the Binance exchange house launched a donation initiative to rebuild the historic monument. The campaign “Rebuild Notre Dame”, launched by the charity division of Binance.

This allows donors to send funds in bitcoin (BTC), binance coin (BNB) and ether. So far, the equivalent of 3.1580 BTC (about USD 16,515) has been raised through 57 donations, as can be confirmed on the Binance Charity website.

Source: Criptonoticias

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