First 24-hour Bitcoin cashier in Argentina arrives in Palermo

The first ATM for cryptocurrencies that will be operational 24 hours throughout the year has been installed in the neighborhood of Palermo, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is the tenth ATM installed by Athena Bitcoin Argentina, a bitcoin buying and selling platform founded in 2013, based in Chicago.

The information was released on April 16. On this occasion, Athena Bitcoin leased a kiosk that operates 24 hours at Santa Fe Ave 4838 in Palermo, so any bitcoin user can exchange pesos for BTC or get cash in exchange for cryptocurrencies. Argentina has led the region in the incorporation of this type of exchange system during 2018.

Cripto Noticias interviewed Santiago Molins, head of information technology and innovation at Athena Bitcoin Argentina, who indicated that the startup has been considering the possibility of incorporating litecoin into the service, but they are studying the actual demand of this cryptoactive in the Argentine market, so they have postponed their incorporation.

Since the first incursion of this company into the ATM market for cryptocurrencies in Latin America, it has been almost a year and a half. Athena Bitcoin presented the first ATM of its kind in the region on December 4 in the city of Bogotá, Colombia, during LaBitConf. Since then they have added about 17 ATMs to the market in this country.

To use the ATM it is only necessary to have a cryptocurrency purse, verify a cell phone number to receive an SMS message with a QR code and wait for the receipt. The transactions take approximately ten minutes. It is also possible to make a transaction with a paper purse, but you have to download a wallet that allows you to interact with them, such as EDGE or Coinomi, because you need to scan the QR code provided by this type of wallet.

Source: Criptonoticias

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