‘Bitcoin Money’ a children’s story that explains how Bitcoin works

Michael Caras, known by his nickname as The Bitcoin Rabbi and for his teaching work in a primary school, announced the publication of his children’s story about Bitcoin, entitled “Bitcoin Money: A Tale about Bitville Discovering Good Money”.

The story, published in English, is located in an imaginary city called Bitville, where two children explore different tools to trade with each other. But it is with the appearance of Satoshi, a mysterious child who has just moved to the city, that they discover the possibility of using Bitcoin. In this way, the story explains with simple analogies the most basic concepts of cryptocurrencies.

The author pointed out that the story focuses on explaining the economic aspects, the history and the attributes of money that Bitcoin has in a language that children can understand. Likewise, the different qualities that cryptocurrencies have in relation to gold and fiduciary currencies are compared.

The book has full color illustrations made by the artist Marina Yakubiwska, which accompany the text of Faces. As the author points out in his Twitter account, the story is inspired by the book The Bitcoin Standard, produced by Lebanese university professor Saifedean Ammous.

Caras explains that the story aims to answer one of the most common questions in the ecosystem: Why Bitcoin, why is it important ?, while explaining concepts about cryptocurrencies in a “simple format” that can be understood by both children and grandparents.

“I could not find anything that explained in simple terms why Bitcoin is important and could be read in one go. That’s when the whole story appeared in my head and I knew that, with the correct illustrations, this would be successful”, said the author.

The story is soft cover and can be purchased at the official store of the author or Amazon for a value of 15 US dollars. Likewise, Caras assures that he accepts the purchase of the book with BTC, being able to transfer the payment from Lightning Network connecting to the node of the author. Payments in bitcoins have a discount of 15% on the price of the book, as well as also allows international shipments.

The book has received support from members of the Bitcoin community, as it has been recommended by Max Hillebrand of the Word Crypto Network podcast initiative and Michael Goldstein of the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute.

The books specialized in Bitcoin and blockchain technology proliferate in Amazon and other virtual bookstores, reaching prominence since 2015 when Nathaniel Popper’s ‘Digital Gold’ was published. The children’s books on Bitcoin have also had their market, after in 2018 the author Sam Lessin published a book on the vocabulary of the Bitcoin ecosystem fully illustrated for the children of the house.

Source: Criptonoticias

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