Bitcoin exceeds 400 million transactions

Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin has already made more than 400 million transactions, with an average above 4 per second in recent weeks. This can be seen in data collected by the Smartbit portal.

In the graph it can be seen that the number of transactions has maintained a constant growth, particularly in the last two years. Between March 2017 and the present it has doubled the total of operations, which registered 200 million in the first 8 years of Bitcoin.

The Smartbit data reflects a rebound in average transactions per second in recent weeks, after a fall that maintained the average between 2.4 and 3.5 per second. This Thursday, April 11, the average is 4.7 transactions per second.

This number is still below the historical peak, reached in December 2017, month that coincides with the historical maximum in the price of BTC, which exceeded USD 20 thousand. For the 14th of that month, an average of 5.6 transactions per second was achieved. In January 2018 the average reached 4.9, and since then it has not been as high as it is now.

To keep the current pace, early next year Bitcoin would be reaching 500 million transactions. Even if the average dropped again and was around 3.5 transactions per second.


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