H&M dresses as a blockchain to track its production chain

The Swedish chain Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M), one of the most important fashion companies in the world, is testing the technology of cryptoactives to gain transparency in their production processes. The information is part of the latest sustainability report of the company, according to the website Modaes.es.

The corporation initiated a pilot test of a solution based on blockchain and artificial intelligence, for the traceability of its products. The tool, which will be incorporated into the online stores of the chain, will offer users detailed information on the place where the garments are manufactured, as well as the materials used in their production. The report does not disclose details of the characteristics of the blockchain network that will be used to record the data.

According to the information, the pilot program is developed through the distributor Arket, a subsidiary e-commerce company of the H&M consortium. In this store the information of the suppliers of the materials will also be included.

Additionally, the tool will be available for products from the H&M Counscius Exclusive collection. Subsequently, during the course of this year, the entire collection of H&M and H&M Home will be added to the register backed by a chain of blocks.

According to the report, since 2013 H&M began to track and publish the names of all its suppliers. Currently, it has already identified all the factories that produce its products. The technology of the cryptoactives would offer the group an immutable record of this information, and of other data in the process of collection, such as the textile companies that supply raw material, where the tracking reaches 65%.

Other transnational companies that commercialize products of mass consumption have ventured into the use of cryptoactive technology to monitor their processes. Such is the case of the French Carrefour consortium, specialized in the distribution of food. This company is using a food product traceability system based on the open source blockchain technology Hyperledger Fabric.

Source: Criptonoticias

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