Bitcoins to help orphans, sick people and abandoned pets in Venezuela.

Announced yesterday by BitGive, a pioneer in the use of Bitcoin for donations, three new campaigns initiated by the NGO South American Initiative (SAI) hope to raise eight thousand dollars each to address various problems that afflict a community of Carabobo. the Venezuelan society, product of the deep crisis that crosses the country in all the scopes: energetic, sanitary, alimentary, economic and social in general.

The first of the three campaigns focuses on providing food and clothing to orphans who currently live in the orphanages “Maria Auxiliadora”, “Semillita del Immaculate Corazón de Maria” and “San Antonio”. According to the first objective of the campaign, the money raised in this first phase will help 70 orphans. Also, the publication indicates, part of the funds raised will be used to build greenhouses to plant vegetables and fruits.

The second campaign has as its first objective to take a shipment of medical supplements to hospitals like Rafael Malpica, located in Guacara, which are not giving more than rice to their patients and lack many of the necessary medicines to treat them. According to the description of the campaign, the donations made will also serve to provide mothers with what is necessary for the care of their babies: diapers, formulas, baby bottles, etc.

The third campaign is aimed at animals and its initial goal is to carry 300 bags of food (fifty pounds each: 7.5 tons in total) to feed the abandoned pets. In addition, indicates the publication that SAI will provide supplements, collars against fleas and ticks, and treatments against rabies and mange to the hundreds of animals in need.

Campaigns will receive donations in bitcoins through GiveTrack, the BitGive donation tracking platform built on Bitcoin’s side chain, RSK, with which donors can track the movement and use of money in the different stages of implementation of Bitcoin. aid.

Thanks to the benefits of Bitcoin, donors can help with amounts as low as 0.000001 BTC, equivalent to $ 0.004 (with an average exchange rate of $ 4,000 / BTC), thus expanding the base of potential donors in all strata. social around the world.

Venezuelan society is at the most critical point, until now, of the absolute crisis it suffers and for the international community it has become more difficult, if not impossible, to help. Even so, the search for a way to offer a hand to Venezuelans in these dark times has not stopped. In the words of Connie Gallippi, founder and director of BitGive:

Venezuela is in crisis, and people and animals are suffering and dying due to political and economic problems. It has been a challenge for the aid organizations, since they are in the sights of the current government regime, and there is little hope for the Venezuelan people, apart from leaving the country or trying to survive during this horrible time. There is very little food, medicine or help of any kind; and the country is experiencing power cuts across the country that are exacerbating the already terrible conditions. Of course, we wanted to see if there was anything we could do to help”.
On whether the support campaigns for Venezuela are exclusive to the alliance with

SAI, Connie told CriptoNoticias that:

GiveTrack is open to any registered NGO to list projects. However, given all the restrictions and risks related to the political situation in Venezuela, NGOs registered in Venezuela are at high risk with the government. By adding the regulatory restrictions imposed on us in the US UU and when using cryptocurrencies, we considered that the safest way BitGive could help, and the safest way for the Venezuelan people, was to work through an NGO based in the United States. SAI was one of the few organizations based in the United States that we could find working in Venezuela.”

So far, says Connie, the response to these three new campaigns has been light. However, he hopes that the bitcoiner community will support the current projects and that, if they do so, they will give rise to new campaigns to support the needy inhabitants of the Caribbean country.


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