A new metric suggests that Bitcoin has 80% dominance in the market

Based on a tweet issued by Christine Kim quoting Vitalik mentioning the Bitcoin domain at 55%, a user named John Thorbjornsen Paul Thor (JP Thor) was devoted to assess the weight of the main cryptocurrency around the distribution of Pareto, a new metric that shows its results generates a domain for Bitcoin of more than 80% at present.

Christine Kim
• Mar. 20 2019
In reply to @christine_dkim
Responding to the question of whether or not it is losing its lead, @VitalikButerin explains, “It’s some of its lead to some extent, it’s kind of inevitable and unavoidable, Ethereum really was the first general purpose smart contract thing.”
Christine Kim
. @ VitalikButerin: Bitcoin was for the first cryptocurrency and originally … it had 100 percent of the marketshare. Then, it went to 90 and now it’s at 55. #unchainedlive

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This metric contrasts with what is exposed in the popular cryptocurrency classification reference site, CoinMarketCap, about its distribution of listings based on the market domain product of the capitalization volume vs. current asset price. A metric classified as “defective” by Thor himself.

It is worth noting that the metric proposed by the researcher is based on the liquidity of Bitcoin (Volume), which the smaller it is, the lower the general score to be weighted according to the Pareto distribution. A fractal distribution that looks the same at any zoom level, unlike the one used by CoinMarketCap.

In terms of participation, the researcher indicates that Bitcoin is consistently over 80% and has an upward trend.

“In fact, only taking into account the 5 main currencies, Bitcoin (20%) captures more than 85% of the market, so it is a Pareto distribution and it is actually much stronger,” he says in his blog of the popular site Medium.
Thor’s analysis was taken based on the 100 main currencies and its MarketCap and volume versus a generic Pareto distribution. Registration was limited to the last 12 months, averaging and weighting by volume on the top 100 currencies.

The Pareto distribution states that “80% belongs to 20%, 20% belongs to 80%”. It is invariant in scale, the distribution is always the same.
Although the Bitcoin domain was affirmed in terms of market share, the cryptocurrency received other good news this week when it was discovered that the BTC Hash rate had reached a maximum of 4 months.

Reference: criptotendencia.com

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