How can you get a loan against your cryptographic assets

Bitcoin continues to move in the cryptocurrency market, and Bitcoin’s price drops over the past year have shown a dominant downward trend for what was 2018.

This situation has ignited the alarms of investors, leading many to a sense of capitulation, an attitude that may involve throwing in the towel and not wait for prices to recover. Fortunately, the “hodlers” are still abundant, willing to stay in resistance and keep their cryptocurrencies, coping with the crash of the market.

Low prices

After having risen as foam at the end of 2017, in 2018 it was a period of continuous declines that reached the lowest points during the month of November, when it has already dropped below $ 4,000. This decline has been seen as a hard blow for investors. After waiting anxiously, during what was 2018, the price returned to the levels reached in December 2017.

The so-called crypto-winter, cloaked with an important fall. And in the last months there is a certain stability. However, several experts in the field have suggested at this moment to consider the technology behind Bitcoin more important than its price. And it shows them, are the many companies that have been moving forward with projects related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

In that sense, it seems to be only a matter of time before the price of the cryptocurrencies begins to react to all these fundamental developments.

Credit platforms supported by cryptocurrencies

Now, before the fall and transition that the main cryptocurrency has passed not only recently, but through time, we observe that there is a common denominator, and that despite its price drops, nobody likes the idea of have to separate from your valuable collection of cryptocurrencies. For true enthusiasts, your cryptocurrency portfolio is almost like a child. And for sure, you would not be able to sell your “son” for a few coins.

However, we all need money to survive. Whether it’s keeping your company afloat, getting capital for a new investment, or simply paying the electricity bills, we all need money. And it is precisely there where the loan platforms supported by cryptocurrencies enter the scene.

These platforms allow you to offer your cryptocurrencies as collateral in exchange for a loan of fiat money. Once you pay the loan (plus the interest), your cryptocurrencies are returned along with the corresponding earnings in case the market has had an upward trend. There are a handful of platforms to choose from, but not all are equally favorable.

Not all lending platforms supported by cryptocurrencies have the interests of their users in mind. In the ideal case, you will want to choose the platform with the highest ratio of loan to value, the lowest interest rates, the greatest number of options for guarantees, and total transparency.

Since 2012, Megapawnshop is the leading financial institution, which provides loan services. Following current trends, they have become one of the first companies in which a person can obtain the necessary amount against the cryptographic currency.

Those who wish to be part of clients of this platform, can receive any amount in US dollars while keeping their digital assets. This type of loan is particularly useful if you need urgent funds.

They have the vision that the solution to financial problems can not wait long, they are committed to working 24/7 considering giving an answer to the requests in the shortest possible time, transferring the funds to their balance in record time.

How do they do that?

Without requesting any type of document or certificate, avoiding the bureaucracy of the documents, Megapawnshop grants loans for an amount of up to 70% of the amount of the crypto currency transferred to the company’s account. It has become an easy, fast, reliable, profitable way to grant loans in this century.

A customer can receive an unlimited number of credits simultaneously for an amount that does not exceed the actual value of their cryptographic assets.

You can redeem Bitcoin at any convenient time by returning the loan amount. Therefore, they offer customers the opportunity not to “freeze” the funds in the cryptographic currency, but guarantee their permanent operation or that is used, for any personal purpose.

The company is fully responsible for the security of its bitcoins and provides insurance for each of its deposits, they are accessible to any owner of digital assets. This pawnshop offers customers the best loan rates with a minimum commission. They guarantee the maximum comfort for their clients, they reimburse their digital assets immediately once the loan amount is transferred to their account.

If you want to know more about this modern online platform that allows you to quickly obtain a loan against cryptographic assets, visit its official page at


Disclaimer: This press release is for informational purposes information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of infocoin, and should not be attributed to, Infocoin.

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