Why does this encryption analyst expect Bitcoin to fall below $ 2,000?

In recent weeks, the industry news cycle has apparently been positive, the sentiment of those interested is more cheerful than sardonic and the value of Bitcoin (BTC) has begun an upward raid. All this, coupled with the fact that business activity has allegedly sky rocketed, has left a multitude of commentators on alert, ast hey eagerly anticipate a noticeable increase in encryption assets.

However, some have maintained a bearish tone, relentlessly asking that BTC raise the $ 3,000. These short-term bears, which have yet to retire to a state of hibernation, cite the historical cycles of the Bitcoin market to support their fore casts. But could their fragile cries for lower lows reach a successful conclusion?

The Bitcoin bears may not have been made yet

Cryptocurrencies may be incipient, but through out their decade of life, their respective markets have developed underlying patterns. Leading analyst, Josh Rager, recently touched on one of these trends and launched himself on Twitter to exclaim why BTC is likely to fall back to $ 3,150 and potentially collapse further.

Rager explains that in the 2014-2016 cycle, the BTC fell to a minimum, where everyone thought the market had bottomed, before establishing a maximum rebound, a higher minimumand then a higher maximum, a series of movements which could indicate a bullish break or reversal. Then, however, Bitcoin plummeted to the downside, falling from its range of $ 380 to $ 160 in a matter of months.

As the cryptography market recently under went the same pattern, except for the highest and lowest maximum, Rager observed that it would be interesting to note that Bitcoin “repeats 2015 with a slow lateral decline” before a “final capitulation”. And with that, he described BTC hitting theoretically $4,800 before an unpleasant and rapid reduction to $ 1,800 in mid-May, which would be followed by an eventual recovery.

Interestingly, Rageris not the only analyst who has speculated that $ 1,800 are on BTC cards. Murad Mahmudov, through the use of historical analysis and key technical levels, suchas the 200-week moving average (200MA), 300MA and 400MA, explained that the”constant support” of Bitcoin will be found in a MA300 of approximately ~ $ 2,400. However, the Adaptive Capital partner made it clearthat Bitcoin could “shrink” to MA350 ~ 400 in the $ 1,700 range,”due to past patterns and how particularly overburdened the 2017 bubble was”.

A more bullish image

While Rager and Mahmudov seem to distrust what will come for this market, others are convinced that the fund has been established. Ryan Selkis, the executive director of cryptocurrency analysis provider Messari, said he would be “extremely surprised” if Bitcoin has not found a floor in this bear market.

Selkis, a hard-line believer who says that BTC is best used as a digital value store, explains that for long-term bulls, waiting to catch the final capitulation event does not make sense, since the expected value of five years of the encryption assets is “25 to 50 times the current prices”.

Of course, this may sound crazy at first glance, especially considering the 80% reduction experienced by Bitcoin, but Selkis is far from being the only one to promote such a buoyant investment thesis.

Magic Poop Cannon, an industry commentator that Tom Lee once praised, pointed out in Trading View that BTC is still in a “very clear cyclical uptrend”, despite the slow down seen last year. He argued that while Bitcoin will range between $ 3,000 and $5,000 for much of 2019, the lowest lows are almost un likely, since it isun likely that BTC will break a line that has not broken, well, never.

As for the feelings, the cryptography prospects also look bright. The Crypto Dog wrote the following:

Even if digital assets have to fall further, some are convinced that it is not necessary to capture the exact fund, especially considering the considerable growth potential that is waiting for Bitcoin.

Alec “Rhythm Trader” Ziupsnys states that it is not advisable to actively seekminimums. In a tweet, Ziupsnys wrote that trying to reach the exact bottom in the cryptographic markets is “like trying to earn a dime in front of asteam roller”, insinuating to his thought process that there is a great amount of risk for a small potential return. Rager himself once issued asimilar occurrence, proclaiming that with in three to five years, it will not matter if his Bitcoin cost base is $ 1,800 or $ 3,000, since this market will probably have exceeded current expectations.

The ecosystem of cryptocurrencies move in a non-linear way there are times of price increases these, it is possible that this continues for a while, the important thing isto study these jumps, investors should be careful when making their transactions. The blockchain-bitcoin technology has a lot to offer, there fore it is a process of maturation. It is waiting for new announcements.

Reference: newsbtc.com

Disclaimer: This press release is for informational purposes information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. The view sexpressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of infocoin, and should not be attributed to, Infocoin.

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