After a 100-hour blackout in Venezuela, transactions are recovered by Localbitcoins

The volume of exchanges through Localbitcoins grew more than 50% in relation to the previous week, when there was no light for more than 4 days throughout the country.

 The first week of March, after several days without electricity in all the states of Venezuela, the transactions by Localbitcoins fell to almost half of the weekly average of this year. However, a week later, with the light restored in part of the country (not in everything), the activity through the person-to-person platform regains strength.

According to data from the CoinDance page, in the week that closed the day before yesterday, March 16, 1,781 bitcoins were exchanged through the Localbitcoins page, that is more than 50% more than the previous 7days. The week before, on March 9, the amount of bitcoins exchanged was just 1,143 BTC, the lowest this year. In fact it is the smallest volume of weekly operations since mid-November 2018.

It is enough to remember that this year the record in exchange of bitcoins has been broken several times through this platform. As well reported by DiarioBitcoin, in the week of February 9 the highest record of Bitcoin transactions in Venezuela was achieved, when 2,487 BTC were exchanged in 7 days, equivalent to -for the price of that moment-approximately USD $ 1.2 million per day in Fiat-BTC exchange. It is an extremely high amount, especially for a country where the minimum wage at that time was just over USD $ 5 per month.


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