Sentiment towards XRP, Manipulated by Thousands of Bots, Analysts Claims

In January, reported on the so-called ‘army of XRP’ harassing Ryan Selkis, the co-founder of the cryptocurrency data company Messari. A recent data analysis has claimed that the XRP shooting army is engaged with thousands of bots that try to influence market sentiment on social media channels such asTwitter.

Thousands of bots XRP and fake Ripple have infested Twitter, say researchers

When people argue about Ripple Labs and the XRP digital currency, the conversation can sometimes become ugly and controversial. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have noticed on platforms like Twitter that if someone says something negative about Ripple or XRP, they are surrounded by Ripple supporters. Messari co-founder Ryan Selkis, also known as @twobitidiot, recently detailed how he was harassed by XRP supporters who called his home phone number. Now, some reports from independentre searchers have come to the conclusion that there are thousands of fake accounts or robots on social networks that are used to manipulate the feeling of XRP. In fact, Geoff Golberg has spent a lot of time studying bots and fake accounts related to XRP on Twitter and revealed his findings last year.

The data sets of the independent researcher Geoff Golberg show a large number of false accounts andro bots linked to popular accounts such as “Giantgox” and”Xrptrump”.

“Astroturfing =the deceitful tactic of simulating the basic support for a product, cause,etc., made by people or organizations interested in shaping public opinion,” explained Golberg after sharing his data. “There are several types of graphics that I use and according to the analysis I do: it isquite manual and requires a lot of time”. A particular Twitter account called “@Giantgox” aroused Golberg’s curiosity, since many bots showedsigns of being tied to the Twitter account.

Golberg’s analysis continued:

“Each point /node is a Twitter account that follows and / or follows Giantgox”.

Golberg continues to share his data despite threats

Last year, Golberg wrote about his investigation in great detail, discovered about 8,000 alleged false XRP accounts on Twitter. The researcher also states that he made a bet with Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz. In the publication called “Dissectionof a key account (Twitter) of the Army XRP”, Golberg says that Schwartz told him that if “there is a real problem” the CTO would be “willing to deploy resources to investigate it”. However, since Golberg began sharing his data sets and analyzes, he claims that Schwartz has kept silent about his supposed promise. “There have been Schwartz crickets since I shared data describing the magnitude of XRP / Ripple astrotur fingefforts,” Golberg wrote on Twitter.

In addition to the Giantgox account, Golberg also found questionable data linked to anotherpopular Twitter account related to XRP, “@ Xrptrump,” which has approximately 30,000 followers. While sharing his data, Golberg emphasized: “The large highlighted group is made up of 8.2K accounts that followXrptrump, take a look at this spreadsheet for yourself, do they look like realaccounts?” The researcher’s criticism of the allegedly fabricated supportwas added.

    “Most followers of Xrptrump arenon-authentic accounts / accounts that have no interest in XRP (large clusters, for example): the support of the manufacturers of the XRP army”.

According to the researcher, and similar to the experience of Ryan Selkis, Golberg was harassedby the army of XRP. After sharing his studies on the magnitude of Ripple’s supposed robots, the researcher received a message from a Twitter account that said: “Who can kill him?” He then reported the account to Twitter and the social media company told Golberg that the person did not want to, violate Twitter’s harassment guidelines. Two days later, the account holder sent amessage to Golberg directly and apologized for the threat, and the owner of the account also deleted the profile. Despite this, the trouble and intimidation will not prevent Golberg from sharing his research and analysis. “I eatthe XRP army shills for breakfast”, proclaimed Golberg.

In the ecosystem of non-decentralized cryptocurrencies it is possible that there is the possibilityof influencing the decision making of investors, this may be a case, according to the research that was carried out, therefore, the blockchain-bitcoin technology has the great advantage of being a decentralized system. It iswaiting for new announcements.


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