Bitcoin again exceeds USD $ 4,000. Cryptocurrencies register a slight increase in their prices

The digital currency that registered the most pronounced increase was Bitcoin Cash, whose value increased more than 14% in the last 24 hours.

On March 16, the cryptocurrency market rises to the upside, with many of its main exponents registering their best prices in terms of the performance seen in recent weeks. The most notable case is that of Bitcoin, which is quoted at USD $ 4,057 per unit, recording a volume of operations USD $ 10,241 million in the last 24 hours. This increase represents an increase of more than 2.8% with respect to its price yesterday.

Bitcoin’s good run also made itself felt in the other markets of the most important digital currencies today. This is the case of Ethereum and Litecoin, whose prices are located at USD $ 143 and USD $ 61.7 respectively, with increases of more than 5% in value. While Monero and Dash showed smaller increases, trading at USD $ 55 and USD $ 92.7.

Others that also registered significant increases were EOS (USD $ 3.69), Binance Coin (USD $ 15.8) and TRON (USD $ 0.023). However, the digital currency that had the best performance in the last 24 hours was Bitcoin Cash, whose price increased by more than 14% and currently stands at about USD $ 158.6 with a volume of operations that exceeds USD $ 655 million .

Some surprises

The only currency that seems not to have enjoyed this good run was Cardano, whose price registered a slight fall of 0.47%, trading at this time at about USD $ 0.049.

But one of the surprises of today is a Chain (CRO), a little known coin dating from the month of December 2018, which yesterday recorded the highest price in its history (USD $ 0.125). Although today it is going down with a fall of more than 20%, the digital currency is trading at USD $ 0.087, representing an increase of more than 300% with respect to its prices for the beginning of this year.

Some hypotheses in relation to Bitcoin

No doubt the increase in the price of Bitcoin generated many expectations among users and enthusiasts of the digital currency. Some analysts hypothesize that this increase represents the income of many users to the BTC ecosystem attracted by the premise that the digital currency becomes the new digital gold, affirmations backed by the co-founder of Apple and the CEO of Twitter in recent statements.

But one of the aspects that analysts point out in relation to the Bitcoin price has to do with the measures taken by CBOE, which decided to close its contracts for the BTC futures trading precisely because it did not record the projected earnings. This leaves CME as the most reputable competitor within this commercial ecosystem, capturing potential investors interested in acquiring digital currency under this business modality.


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