International clients of Center Source will be able to pay with bitcoins (BTC)

The subcontractor Center Source SAS, based in Colombia, will allow its customers to use bitcoins (BTC) as a means of payment for their services. According to the company, international customers will benefit from the cheaper prices and the simplification of payments.

The agreement was announced on March 13, although the official statement indicates that the company has already been using the BitPay payment solution. Center Source provides services to clients in the area of consumer products and medical care. Its clients are located outside of Latin America, so Bitcoin would serve to improve the collection conditions of the company, being able to attract new clients in other international markets.

The company uses bitcoin to lower costs, since the payment processor charges 1% commission. BTC seeks to make Center Source more attractive to international transfers with fiat.

Working with BitPay has opened the outsourcing business to international markets, which allows us to find clients looking for services from near-shore call centers that accept blockchain payments.

Michael Biedronski, Executive Director, Center Source

The main attraction of the alliance would be to offer more efficient transfer rates between customers and the company. Bank transfers in the region can take between 3 and 5 days and can have up to 6% commission, so the services of the company lost attractiveness before the alliance.

It should be noted that there are other payment processors that improve BitPay services. Despite being a pioneer, the company has stopped adding technical elements to its payment solutions, making room for softwares such as BTC PayServer, which even allows merchants to experiment with Lightning Network (LN).


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