Bitcoin Day will arrive in the city of Cordoba, Argentina

The Bitcoin Day Organizers have announced the event will be held in Argentina, specifically at the National Radio Auditorium in the city of Córdoba on April 4 .

As detailed by the organizers, the event is presented by industry leaders in Latin America, and is aimed at the general public, dedicated to providing basic information ontopics such as: the new Internet of Value, the most important cryptocurrencies and the future of contracts smart But it also provides for the analysis of specific information on how to access investments, specific uses in business and utility for companies, professionals and entrepreneurs.

During the talks, some of these topics will be addressed: “What is Bitcoin and the Internet of Value?”, “Blockchain for the inexperienced”, “What are the means to exchange cryptocurrencies ?”, “Current situation of regulations in the region. “, “Tokenization of physical / digital assets”. In addition, use cases will be discussed and how technology can change traditional businesses.

The schedule of presentations includes varied themes. Henry Sragman , Business Development at RSK Labs , will talk about the Internet of Value and why the world is changing.

Pablo González, co-founder and CEO of Bitso (Mexico), will give a presentation on business opportunities with criptocoins (purchase, sale and trading).

Carlos Maslatón, Head of Treasury at Xapo, will give a talk entitled “Bitcoin vs. Establishment : current regulations and nearfuture”, which will discuss the current state of regulations in Argentina, trends and perspectives in that country.

Later, Leo Elduayen , COO of Koibanx , will talk about the Blockchain and how it is changing traditional businesses. It will also refer to benefits that can bring to undertakings.

There is also a panel on “Pioneering success stories in Latin America” , which will be moderated by Manuel Beudroit , CMO of Bitex . In this panel will participate: Mike Barrow, founder of Open Wine (USA); Pablo González, CEO at Bitso ; Héctor Hernández, founder and CEO at DexFreight Logistics (Colombia); and Sebastián Perez , Senior Developer in RSK (Rootstock) .

The event is part of the tour that takes place in Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Costa Rica. It is a tour of the main cities of innovation in Latin America.

Reference:   DiarioBitcoin

Disclaimer:   InfoCoin is not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in this article and is not responsible for their products and / or services. This press release is for informational purposes only, the information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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