This crypto-machine checks the age of beer buyers.

This weekend the US startup Civic announced the start of the pre-sale for its beer vending machine that verifies age using distributed accounting technology. This is the Civic BD10 Vending Machine.

The device is responsible for confirming the age of the customer to authorize the sale of the alcoholic beverage. This type of beverage is restricted to children under 21 in the United States, where the machine has been developed.

Through a blog post on its web portal, Titus Capilnean, marketing director of Civic, explained that the proposal could represent a solution in scenarios where personalized identity verification is difficult. He gives as an example a baseball stadium with thousands of fans buying beer at the same time.

Capilnean also ensures that the use of the Civic BD10 should not be limited to the sale of alcoholic beverages.

“The addition of identity verification to this mix opens up a full market of products with age restrictions and sales opportunities.”

Also, it raises that the intention of the company is to present “a window to the future”. This through the union of identity verification and an automated payment system. He also considers that “vending machines are perfect” for this integration.

In the offer available on the company’s website, it can be seen that each machine has an initial price of $ 15,000. The same could increase according to the modifications requested by the client.

For presale, the amount of section of each device is $ 999.99. These will be deducted from the total at the time of the final purchase. In addition, Civic specifies that this amount is a refundable deposit. However, it does not clarify the scenarios for a hypothetical refund of money.

In May 2018, Civic presented the prototype of its vending machine, which has an integrated electronic panel named Zero Knowledge Age Check. It is connected to a database of the company, collected through an application that each user must download to add their data and back them with an identity document.


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