Opera will integrate ETH Wallet in its browser for IPhone.

The Norwegian company that designs the search engine Opera plans to integrate a crypto-currency for ETH and Ethereum tokens in its browser for the iOs operating system, so it can be used on iPhone and iPad. This was explained in a press release on Tuesday, March 5, in which they announced an early testing phase.

The note argues that the Opera Touch browser “will combine easy to use Crypto Wallet functionality with support for decentralized Ethereum or Dapps applications”, such as its Android peer, released last December.

Like the previous version, this browser will be specially designed to promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies and facilitate the use of Web 3.0. According to the text, this is how they respond to the demand of the Ethereum community.

Likewise, they invite users to register to test the application before it comes to light, although they did not advance the exact launch date of the new version of the web browser. This testing phase has not started, the statement also clarifies.

Just like the Android version, the Opera Touch wallet will allow the handling of ETH. In addition, it has the ability to store tokens based on Ethereum. Likewise, you can buy ETH directly from the browser.

In July of last year, Opera announced the initiative of Opera Crypto Wallet, with which they incorporated the ETH wallet into their browser. In February they announced the authorization of purchases of the cryptoactive through the purse.


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