Coinbase users run campaign against the Neutrino platform for purchase.

Through Twitter, users are calling for a boycott of Coinbase due to their recent decision to acquire Neutrino, a questionable cyber surveillance company comprised of several former Hacking Team members, who are now part of the house exchange team.

To express their displeasure, users resorted to the creation of the hashtag called #DeleteCoinbase in social networks, through which they invite others to cancel their accounts in cryptobolsa. In this way, many of them proceed to eliminate their accounts, fixing positions not only against the purchase of Neutrino, but also against the launch of a series of new products that have been questioned by customers.

In that sense, the main annoyance of the public has to do with the background of new members of the Coinbase team, who were part of Hacking Team, a group accused of being involved in the development and sale of spyware to corporations, law enforcement agencies and even repressive governments, which, according to reports, used these tools against activists, dissidents and journalists.

Users also question Coinbase some of its products, including Coinbase Wallet, whose new features allow iCloud or Google Drive to back up an encrypted version of their private keys. Community members were against this idea, although Coinbase said it is a safe method.

The hashtag started to be launched more than a week ago. However, it went viral this February 27, given the insistence of Udi Wertheimer. This developer and bitcoiner also made available the tool #DeleteCoinbaseTrustChain, which allows the transfer of balances between users, since some of them have had difficulties in closing their accounts.

According to the statistics of Tweet Binder, a tool to analyze keywords and hashtags on Twitter, at the time of writing, more than 300 people have joined the #DeleteCoinbase tag in a week, producing more than 500 tweets related to the subject, with a potential impact on more than 4 million people around the world.

Although with these data it is not possible to determine if the effects of the movement are negative for the platform, which has tens of millions of users and adds more than one million followers in the social network, they serve as indicators of the activity of those who participate in the Bell.

The content of the different messages is similar. The users consider that the actions of Coinbase go against the philosophy that gave birth to Bitcoin, so they present screenshots that show the process of elimination of their accounts. Many even explain to others how to make the cancellation.

Among the most active Twitter users is David Morris, from BreakerMag, who published an analysis of the case on February 26, where he explains the background and actions of Hacking Team. Morris openly supports the movement against the exchange house. Therefore, it invites the public to read more materials on the subject and to publish them on Twitter using the label.

Morris highlights in his analysis the challenge that his decision to acquire Neutrino represents for Coinbase’s reputation, showing at the same time the response he received from the exchange house team in defense of his project. For them, the priority is to avoid theft, investigate cyber attacks and identify malicious actors, so they integrated Neutrino into its structure.

So far, the company, founded by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam in 2012, has not manifested in relation to this movement, which is similar to the campaign that was launched against Facebook a few months ago. In this case, the actions were the result of the scandal for the theft of data by Cambridge Analytica. The users used the hashtag #DeleteFacebook to protest against the mismanagement of privacy in the famous social network.

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