Tickets to see “La Roja” will be sold with the help of Blockchain

The tickets for the matches of  ‘La Roja’, the Spanish national football team, will have Blockchain technology that will prevent physical resale and fraud from the next match of Luis Enrique Martínez’s team, on 23rd March against Norway, at the Mestalla stadium (Valencia).

The agreement between the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and the Hispanic-Canadian company Nodalblock, which specialises in the use of this technology for different business applications, has made it possible to create a security system that will incorporate this technology into the tickets sold by the RFEF.

“This system will prevent selling false tickets and eliminate physical resale points. In addition to making the process secure, we have eliminated illegal resale,” Nodalblock’s president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, David Lanau, told EFE.

This technological platform will be connected to the official RFEF points of sale, so that when a person buys a ticket to see the selection, they will have to give their mobile phone number, which will be sent a message with a PIN code and a download link to an application with their ticket.

The entry will been coded and encrypted and linked to a code with in a Blockchain network, the Blockchain Technology that generates a code associated with each entry that records the transaction and is immutable, such that it guarantees the authenticity of the entry.

“When a buyer wants to give it to a friend, the process is repeated: he has to put the friend’s mobile phone, which will receive the pin and a link,” adds Lanau.

On the match day, the spectator will show on his mobile that ticket downloaded from the link and certified thanks to Blockchain Technology to access the stadium. In this way, the falsification of both physical and digital tickets is avoided, since all of them are supported by a code that cannot be modified.

The plans of Nodalblock and the RFEF is that, in addition to Spain-Norway, it can also be used in the final of the Copa del Rey and the Copa de la Reina, as well as in the future with the clubs of Second Division‘B’ and Third.

Sources:  Besoccer , EFE

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