SEC will hire analytical services to supervise operations with cryptoactive.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States, opened a request for services for companies specialized in the analysis of data in block chains. The offer was published Thursday by the commission’s procurement department, on its official website.

The request is aimed at large or small companies able to provide useful information to “support the efforts of the SEC” in the monitoring of cryptoactives. According to the statement, the commission requires the collection and analysis of information, from available data, of the most popular block chains. This analysis must contain details of the transactions, including the identification of the owners of the addresses involved.

Companies interested in applying should also provide the SEC with an overview of its methodology to obtain the data and bring it to an auditable format. In addition, the commission expects to have access to the verification steps that providers will use to guarantee the integrity of the data. The SEC will receive proposals from interested parties through an email, on February 14.

Earlier this year the SEC announced that cryptoactives are among its inspection priorities for 2019. In this regard, it indicated that, through the Office of Inspections and Compliance Exams (OCIE), it would take measures to identify those who offer, sell, market and manage digital assets.

Other US government institutions have also requested the support of specialized companies to obtain details about operations with cryptoactives. Such is the case of the Department of National Security (DHS), which in December 2018 requested proposals to monitor transactions with cryptocurrencies focused on privacy, such as Monero and Zcash. At that time, the communities of both cryptoactives pointed out that, far from feeling threatened, this challenge would allow them to test their privacy protocols.

It should be remembered that in August of last year a special agent of the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), named Lilita Infante, said that the blockchain facilitates the tracking and identification of people and transactions. On private cryptocurrencies, he noted that although they are more anonymous, “we have ways of tracking them”. However, state agencies continue to seek support to monitor the risk and improve compliance with the control rules on cryptoactives.

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