Salaries of Blockchain programmers increased during the last year

A programmer experienced in the construction of cryptocurrency systems earns an average of $ 176K. The jobs related to Blockchain are among the bestpaid in the technology sector. The price of Bitcoin fell significantly duringthe second half of 2018. However, during those months the programmers ofdecentralized cryptocurrency systems, known as Blockchain, increased theiraverage income by more than US $ 14,000.

According to a survey conducted by the consulting firm Janco Associates, the average annual income of a programmer of Bitcoin-related solutions is US $ 132,000. This figure reflects a growth in the average income of the first semester of 2018, which stood at US $ 119,000. This US $ 132,000 means a monthly average of US $ 11,000 for a decentralized systems programmer. The amount of the annual salary of experienced developers reaches US $ 176,000, according to the report reviewed by the technology magazine ComputerWorld.

However, according to Janco’s CEO, Victor Janulaitis, “looses increase at all levels for all the Blockchain roles” that the consultingfirm surveyed. Janco Associates is a company specialized in establishing theranking of salaries among the different technological sectors, so their studystates that cryptocurrency system programmers are among the highest paid in the computer industry.

Janulaitis warns that the nature of the increases is “defensive”. Since 2017 there has been an increase in jobs available for the cryptocurrency technology sector, therefore the CEO of Janco asserts that the Technology Directors (CTO) of the companies “do not want to lose the talent they have”. As a result, he explains, “compensation for these positions has increased.”

Despite the efforts, the interviews that Janulaitis held with different Technology Directors of the technology industry in December 2018 reflect, like the report, that the dropout rates are the highest in recent years.

Changes in the ecosystem

The desertion of work is not necessarily linked to the abandonment ofthe development of cryptocurrency systems. A study by McKinsey consultancy, called Blockchain’s Occam Problem, explains that companies are refocusing theircommercial strategies when implementing Blockchain, seeking greater benefit totheir investment and abandoning the belief that Blockchain is the cure for allills. The increase in labor and refocuses respond to the growth among developersat an educational level. In fact, a Coinbase study determined that 21 of thetop 50 universities worldwide offer at least one academic course related tocryptoactives, with the United States being the country with the most courses.


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