Invest in Bitcoin for retirement

Somewhere in the world, there was a man named Carlos, who, throughout his life, dedicated himself to be part of a company, leading the department of system and programming. Carlos, he worked for years, where he gave time of service to this company, he generally felt good. But I had a great concern: I felt fear through the years passed, I thought many times what would be his fate once he will retire after having worked for so many years to a company.

He often wondered if at the timewhen his retirement time would come, all the money that by law corresponded to him would be enough to live his quiet old age, cover his expenses and he of his family.

For this reason, he began to look for ways to diversify his money, he needed to generate other tickets that would allow him not only to have peace of mind and financially but also to generate more value for the money that came to him once he stopped working. Although he thought he was late, Carlos, as I preferred to call him on the subject of this text, decided to start investing in bitcoins at the end of 2016, when the most famous cryptocurrency in the world had a jump from 15,000 to 20,000 dollars.

However, when he saw that he had practically doubled his price by the middle of this year, he thought of giving part of his profits some use in a certain way: save him for retirement, Carlos trusted Bitcoin and saw it as a great opportunity not to only try to diversify your tickets, but to ensure what with so many years had built.

The bitcoins and the with drawal stage seem two completely opposite worlds: the first is highly volatile, while retirement requires the greatest possible certaintyto sustain our welfare in advanced stages. So, how can they coexistin harmony? According to specialists, the key lies in diversification.

Carlos, being a programmer, knew Bitcoin through his colleagues, it was not until he read White Paper by Satoshi Nakamoto, the presumed creator of the virtual asset, that he dimensioned the potential that, beyond the bitcoins, lay in its technology, the blockchain. Carlos, he believed not only in Bitcoin, he also trusted Blockchain.

Carlos, was understanding that the age of the investor is an important parameter. Recall that afores invest in different ways the resources of workers depending on their age: While much of the savings of the youngest is put in variable income (40% of its resources) and foreign securities (20%) and structured instruments (20%), for workers of ages close to retirement, opting for lower risk investments, mainly of local debt.

Narrowing this down, the strategy becomes clearer: The more time you lack for retirement, you could allocate a greater proportion of your retirement savings to volatile assets, such as Bitcoin. Carlos understood that as he goes along the road, there is little time left to validate his retirement, so it was advisable to use the same strategy as the Afores: the less disposition to lose money, choose safer products. They give less performance, yes, but more security and availability.

The most important thing about an investment like bitcoins, is to learn on the fly, the best examplewe have now. No asset goes up indefinitely; At some point we can haveanother correction of 20, 30 or 50% for a whole year. The euphoria ofcryptocurrencies has been mainly due to Bitcoin, but the reality thatmany of us already know is that there are thousands ofcryptocurrencies out there, able to respond similar to Bitcoin, understanding that each one has different characteristics but theycoincide in a very important one: Blockchain and decentralization.

In some parts of the world, work is already being done to integrate the potential of cryptocurrencies with saving for retirement. In the United States there are individual retirement accounts (known as IRAs, which would be the equivalent ofa private pension plan) that are based on virtual assets, such as Bitcoin IRA. For Carlos, the investment for retirement is just one ofseveral applications that, he believes, bitcoin will have in the future.

Today, Bitcoin has shown us and we have witnessed that, just as it has reached its historic maximum,it has left us in suspense with its decline and with it the wholemarket and its downward trend. Now, if we can rescue something fromCarlos and the learning that he has left us, it is undoubtedly while we can take advantage of Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency. Why don’t do it?

There is potential in this ecosystem, Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies promise to achieve great changes towards the digital world but above all financial. It is time to think about retirement investment, but not only when we are already close, take advantage of the benefits of this market, yes, as we usually recommend, read, investigate and have your financial advisor, the general law: Do not risk money that you are not willing to lose.

Let’s take advantage of that retirement investment from Bitcoin, hand in hand with cryptocurrencies.


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