Creators of Content Will Draw the Censorship to Receive Contributions in Bitcoins

LibrePatron is an alternative to the popular platform Patreon, accused of censoring its users. BTCPay facilitates the content creators in LibrePatreon to receive contributions in BTC.

Jeff Vandrew, a graduate of the United States Academy of Lawyers (CFA), has developed a version of Patreon free of censorship. The platform is called “LibrePatron” and will allow content creators to receive donations in bitcoin (BTC).

Through his Twitter and Github account, Jeff Vandrew announced the release of the alpha version of LibrePatron, which will be found online for a trial period. This network is an alternative to the well-known donation services, Patreon, which allows content creators to receive contributions for publications made by their subscriber community.

Patreon is very popular among artists and Internet personalities, because it allows them to receive donations from anywhere in the world. However, the platform has recently been reported for censoring its users, after canceling the subscription to certain creators under trials such as “hate speech” and “thought crime”. These events have questioned the freedom of expression within Patreon and has generated considerable losses to those affected.

One of the most sensitive elements surrounding Patreon’s controversy is that many of these decisions to block certain network users involve a third party. MasterCard is one of the companies that have influenced the closing of accounts of personalities related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Due to this kind of censorship, Jeff Vandrew decided to develop his own self-hosting contributions service and supported by the BTCPay Server payment service; which will allow channeling contributions to content creators with bitcoins directly.

Vandrew explains that being a network with self-hosting, users control their own data without the need for a third party to get involved or manage its content, thus avoiding censorship. To make matters worse, the lawyer believes that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin could make the donation process even easier, since their payment is decentralized and electronic.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Platform

Among other details of LibrePatron, its developer states that the network has Google Analytics, an initial page by content creator to attract new subscribers, permission to perform constant updates, as well as sending notifications about such updates to subscribers. In the same way, the network generates invoices by subscription on a monthly basis, which can be paid by means of Lightning Network thanks to the compatibility of BTCPay with this network of micropayments.

Considering that it is an Alpha version, LibrePatron still has its limitations. For example, it is only enabled for computers, leaving out mobile devices (for the time being). Also, the platform still does not allow by default the interaction between its users, although its website mentions that the Disqus tool can be used for this and that, in the future, it could become the default option for the platform.

Cryptoactive technology has already been useful in previous projects to strengthen freedom of expression and avoid censorship. Regarding initiatives related to voting through blockchain, Democracy Earth stands out, which seeks to generate a new way of paying with greater freedom. On the other hand, for the media, the blockchain and the cryptoactives have come to be seen as the ideal tool to strengthen the free press.


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