The number of reachable Nodes of the Bitcoin Network was reduced by 14% in 2018

According to data collected from the Bitnode site, the total number of Bitcoin network nodes achievable in the Blockchain decreased by approximately 14.25% in 2018. A drop from 11.722 to 10.052 at the time of writing in this period led to the figure to a fall of 14.25%.

In the same period we also observed a decrease in the total number of Bitcoin nodes unattainable by at least 33%. Likewise, the domain of the nodes located in Germany and the United States over the network is still observed with 43.5%.

A Bitcoin node accessible in Blockchain is a node that sends andreceives connections through the Bitcoin network. On the other hand, anunreachable node can simply make outgoing connections but does not have theability to accept incoming connections. The reason that unreachable nodes cannot accept incoming connections is that they are behind a firewall like Tor orare protected by a NAT (Network Address Translation) that modifies the network address data in the IP header to Data packets while in transit through arouter.

Unreachable nodes have their benefits and their aversions. One of the advantages is that it prevents a hacker from being able to hack the network more easily, increasing the number of obstacles to be overcome. However, the reachable nodes in practice play a very important role as they are responsible for maintaining the Bitcoin protocol by keeping complete records of all transactions made in Blockchain from the beginning. This maintains the integrity of the chain.

In the supposed case, a greater decrease of accessible nodes, wouldmean the greatest possibility of a 51% type attack against the Bitcoin network,since it would be increasingly centralized in a few nodes and the possibility of double spending would be a reality, dethroning what has been achieved todate by Bitcoin.

Some probable reasons for the fall in the number of reachable and unreachable nodes could be due to the drop in miners precipitated by the current situation of bitcoin prices during this bearish season. To get an idea, each complete node with a VPS Hosting service bills for 60GB of storage an average of $ 2 / month in rental expenses.

In addition to the maintenance costs involved, for many miners(especially in China) is no longer feasible to engage in Bitcoin mining, on the contrary they are devoting their efforts to other types of activities such as Cloud Hosting and Video services.


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