Zapaygo ICO will tokenize a consolidated payment ecosystem

Zapaygo ICO financial digitization in a “Tap”

In a brief initial summary we review some of the strengths of the launch of Zapaygo ICO. Zapaygo provides a menu of products / services and a pre-order and payment service to consumers; all through a free application for smartphones. The commitment to digitalization via Blockchain consolidates the adoption of technology. Its technological ecosystem is extensively tested and refined, it is even fully integrated into the ePos of high-profile sports stadiums in the United Kingdom.

The company was founded in 2015 and at the moment it is submerged in the most disruptive event among its foundations in recent years. Activated the rounds of funding, the launch towards cryptospace with heavy weights in all branches of your team will be in 2019; a consolidated project whose release in the field of “cryptoactive” won’t go unnoticed.

Of the product offered, the ZAP token, we will speak next, mentioning before some of the most striking points. Zapaygo that leaves no details to tie, and seeks the profitability of each movement of liquidity. The ecosystem offered by Zapaygo ICO and the ZAP token generate a combination with multiple possibilities; Always focused on the financial comfort of customers and reduce frictions in payments for all parties.

Security and experience, added value in the management of Digital Identities

In an era in which we continually access new services and subscriptions, Digital Identities take on great importance. For several decades the progression has been constant, the digitization of information does not rest. Data processing systems replace the eternal tons of vulnerable paper; saving time and space. A fully digitized environment requires security and a firm hand in the management of data and access; the important initial unions enable the project from beginning to end.

The payment application Lifestyle Zapaygo signed in 2017 an association of exclusive mobile payments for 10 years with The NEC Group. The continuous payment application unites service providers, merchants, electronic points of sale and consumers to allow visitors to the Group’s locations to make an advance order, place an order and pay for food and beverages with their mobile phones.

We share a compilation of some partners / service providers in the global Zapayco ecosystem:

Rapyd (, a configurable package that allows you to develop web interfaces in a few lines. Paycasso ( a revolutionary global customer identification solution, which is highly flexible and generates real-time management and operational metrics, such as Verisure. This is followed by an extensive list of which are part from to or

The private equity funds managed by Blackstone publicly announced on October 12, 2018 the acquisition of the National Exhibition Center Group (“NEC” or “the company”). So there is strong support.

High level corporate support in Zapaygo ICO and goodbye to the queues.

The ecosystem does not offer gaps in terms of associations, sponsors and collaborations. The partners united to the project Verteda ePOS (, will give visibility to about 750 thousand weekly users; On the other hand, the NEC Group ( will promote Zapaygo monthly to approximately 28 million people. It is due to the contract association of mobile payments with those mentioned.

These are two important factors that guarantee the global scope of the project, added to the agreement to be listed in Deloitte Waves ICO Platform soon. The application streamlines the ordering and payment process in bars, restaurants, stadiums and many other places, helping users and all types of companies. In addition to reducing the time lost in the queues practically to zero; facilitates the automation and monitoring of the seller’s side, improving the experience for all parties.

Let’s talk a little about the team, of which the former CFO of MasterCard, Frank J. Cotroneo, calls our attention; Mr. Cotroneo, as Strategy
Director, will provide the leadership and experience in the financial market that a project of such magnitude needs. A strategy supported by a team full of leaders in the field of finance and capital management; as well as endorsed by contrasted lawyers and strategists from both sides of the ocean.

The financial services revolution in the palm of your hand

The technology has been developed to innovate on the client side and offer quality financial tools. We have recently experienced a technological boom that concerns all parties; At the same time, the improved customer experience is accompanied by powerful tools on the seller’s side. 2019 seems to be the year in which the transformation of the financial sector is consolidated; the Internet of Things (IoT), the self-management of financial products from wallets and tokenization come together in Zapaygo.

The processing of Big Data via AI (artificial intelligence) has catapulted the sales sector. Today personalized attention is a point to take into account. The refined management tools have catapulted the experience as a salesperson; The ecosystem of Zapaygo facilitates the management of powerful systems through simple and advanced interfaces. On the client side, with Zapaygo the user experience is enriched; loyalty rewards, discounts, time savings in your efforts and much more. Saving time and avoiding headaches is the purpose; behind are the annoying processes, paying for the usual services becomes simple and convenient from any device.

Details related to the financing event Zapaygo ICO

All the infrastructure mentioned above, and the experienced team will shape the launch around the ZAP token; a launch that will revolutionize the global ICO space with a spectacular tour by the hand of Bloomberg. More than 10 stops will be made across several continents, this is how the token is already known. As a starting point, ZAPs start from a symbolic price of $ 0.007142 US dollars per unit.

The private sale with applicable bonus (+ 40%) is active, specifically in its second round. As part of the private round, for every $ 1 paid, you will previously be assigned $ 1 of tokenized bonds; of the bonds will talk shortly, since they are part of the plans for 2019 after the ICO that now happens. They point out from their participation page that the added bonus is for a limited period and with no hidden costs. You can find more specific details on your Zapayco ICO website or the white paper.

In the coming weeks, at the end of the private sale, the pre-sale rounds of the ZAP token will begin; decreasing the bonus of the private sale to respectable + 28% and + 12.5% ​​respectively. The final round and called the ICO round will close the financing stage without bonds at the symbolic price of $ 0.007142.

The ITBO tokenized bonds after the Zapayco ICO process in 2019

As icing on the cake, at the end of the process previously described, it will go to a second phase. The issuance of ITBO bonds will be accompanied by an initial offer. These bonds / token (ITBOS) will be valued symbolically at a standardized rate of US $ 1. It will consist of 100 million tokenized bonds, including those attributed as a bonus to acquire ZAP tokens. Recall that during the already active private sale Zapayco ICO you get the bonus 1: 1. The tokenized bonds will not be securitized by assets, but against future income, providing the balance that is expected.

When purchasing ITBO bonds, 10 free Zaps will be received, so when using Zapaygo, bond buyers can save 10 times the money they spend on buying a token. The yields of the bonds will have priority over the after-tax dividends; while, they are credited with 10% of global profits or 7% per year, depending on which is the most fruitful.

Undoubtedly, Zapaygo’s whitepaper gives us a very complete technical and theoretical vision; We can be talking about one of the most relevant releases of 2019.

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