Reported HitBTC for breach of B2G cryptoactive project.

The HitBTC exchange house is the subject of a complaint by the leaders of the Bitcoiin 2nd Generation (B2G) project, who claim to have paid 75 bitcoins for the exchange to list its cryptoactive in May of this year. The complainants assert that HitBTC users have never been able to make deposits or withdrawals from B2G and that the conditions contracted were not met.

The complaint against Hit Solution Limited, commercially known as HitBTC, was filed last November before the Commercial Offenses Office of Hong Kong. However, legal actions were not heard until this week, when the Blockchain Transparency Institute shared a publication containing the documents of the complaint.

According to these documents, confirmed by B2G to CriptoNoticias as true, the crypto project denounced HitBTC for breach of contract conditions and disqualification to make deposits and withdrawals of the B2G token from the platform, despite being listed. As well as the breach of the promotion after the agreed cryptoactive list.

According to the complaint to the police, B2G paid 2.5 bitcoins to HitBTC to be promoted for 15 days on the main page of the digital exchange. As well as publications in social networks and blog of the renowned exchange house. However, the complainants claim that said promotion and publications did not take place. On the contrary, they claim that HitBTC blocked communications with B2G members.

Likewise, the legal firm that represents B2G, Elite Consulting Law Firm, establishes in the complaint filed that the complainants have tried to contact the HitBTC representatives through different public platforms without success. In this search ensure they have not been able to find basic legal information of the company, “as names or addresses, offices and owners.”

“We have tried to find official legal information about Hit Solution Limited by several public sources, including its website However, we have not been able to find any legal information, such as names, addresses, offices or owners. Your website contains only general emails for any type of communication, without giving information about the names and emails of team members.”

The complaint, which is accompanied by a request for public information, requests the Hong Kong authorities to initiate proceedings against the company for “fraud and deliberate breach of contractual obligations that caused significant damage to its client.” For its part, the publication ensures that legal representatives have already initiated actions before the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

So far the exchange office has not ruled on the legal action and CriptoNoticias has not received a response to the request for comments made.

This is not the first accusation that the HitBTC exchange house receives. In fact, recently it was pointed out by the Blockchain Transparency Institute as one of the exchange houses of the cryptoecosystem that has manipulated the volumes of its markets. According to the investigation, the HitBTC market is only 25% of what it registers. Which means that more than half of your transaction volume is market manipulation.


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