Top 10 countries where Bitcoin was most searched on Google in 2018.

The global interest that bitcoin awakens is increasingly evident. Millions of people all over the world are looking for information to know or update themselves about the main cryptocurrency and its decentralized platform. This need to know more is reflected in Google, which, according to their search trends, shows that the word bitcoin is popular in countries as diverse as South Africa, the Netherlands and Singapore.

At the top of the list for this 2018 is South Africa, with a maximum score of 100, as a relative scale of Google Trends, which does not specify the number of searches (volume) or absolute values. The general ladder goes from 0 points to a hundred. About this method of measurement Google points out the following:

The numbers reflect the search interest in relation to the maximum value of a graph in a region and a given period. A value of 100 indicates the maximum popularity of a term, while 50 and 0 indicate that a term is half popular in relation to the maximum value or that there was not enough term data, respectively.”

South Africa is followed in the ranks: Ghana (79), The Netherlands (79), Slovenia (75), Nigeria (75), Austria (72), Singapore (70), Australia (68), Canada (62) and Switzerland. (61).

A common feature of the search for the term bitcoin in all countries is that the top of applications in Google was recorded during the month of January, when the cryptocurrency had a price between 11,000 and 17,000 US dollars. It was also the moment when some altcoins projects reached their maximum historical price.

Although this year the bearish trend dominated the cryptoactive market, Google’s data shows the growing interest in bitcoin and all the technology that surrounds it.

In reviewing the search trends of 2016, it can be observed, for example, that the three African countries that appeared in the top 5 of 2018 formed the podium, or the top 3, of that year. On that occasion the ranking was Nigeria (100), Ghana (51) and South Africa (43). They were followed by Malaysia (31), Venezuela (30), Slovenia (28), Singapore (26), Estonia (25), the Philippines (23) and Tunisia (23).

During 2017, year of uptrend, Google Trends shows how requests for the word bitcoin were gradually increased, since the month of May, to then reach two peaks between November and December, when the cryptoactive reached its historical maximum price.

That year, the list of countries with the highest searches was organized as follows: South Africa (100), Slovenia (88), The Netherlands (80), Australia (78), Singapore (76), Austria (76), Nigeria ( 71), Canada (68), Switzerland (66) and Ghana (65).


In Latin America, Venezuela appears as the first country where bitcoin was most popular in searches. The South American nation appears in 20th place. Brazil is next in place 39 with 26 units, Portugal in the 42nd place with 25 points, Colombia in the 45th box with 23 units, Spain in the 46th place with 23 points and Mexico in the place 53 with 15 units. Then appear Argentina (54), Peru (56) and Chile (58).

In October of this year, Venezuela exhibited a score of 51 leading the region, doubling the rest of the Latin American countries.

The Google data for 2018 on bitcoin also agree with other searches such as the question What is bitcoin ?, which dominated the requests for information on this platform in 2018 in the category What is it?

The information collected shows that, regardless of the conditions of each country, bitcoin continues to generate interest in different latitudes, either to discover how its technology works or to learn about the cryptoactive as a way of safeguarding value.


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