Church’s Chicken starts accepting Dash in Venezuela.

Since December 12, the franchises of the Church’s Chicken fast food chain in Venezuela accept the DASH cryptocurrency in 10 of its 13 branches.

In this way, Church’s Chicken Venezuela becomes the first recognized food franchise to accept a cryptocurrency as a form of payment, joining the list of merchants that accept DASH in the country.

Yoneila Maita, director of human resources and legal affairs at Church’s Chicken in Venezuela, spoke with CriptoNoticias about the alliance of the fast food chain with Dash Venezuela.

In view of all the technology that has been developed worldwide, we were interested in not only staying as a fast food chain, but being an icon in the financial and commercial economy of the country and also in view of the worldwide managing other types of payments, and with the financial problem we have in Venezuela, we believed and we bet that we, even if we had the economic problems, we had a fundamental tool to develop in a complex country.”

He also assured that cryptocurrencies can help Venezuelans recover their economy and open up to other financial markets and even other models of governance, instead of supporting the cryptocurrency only in Sovereign Bolívar (VES).

Maita said that the adoption of this method of payment by the franchise seeks to educate the Venezuelan population about cryptocurrencies, and inculcate other countries “that Venezuela is a power, that there are working people, that there are valuable people, that we must work and aim for that, to develop our country. “

In the legal field, he affirmed that the alliance is in compliance with the laws that govern transactions with cryptocurrencies in Venezuela:

We had that fear because in the country there is a lot of congestion with the legal issues and we felt there would be no support. Hand in hand with the people of Dash, we reviewed, I as a lawyer reviewed. It is publicly known that we have a Superintendency that is regulating all transactions with cryptocurrencies and indeed all the transactions we are working with, that we are doing with DASH, are governed by the current legal regulations in Venezuela.”


In recent days, it was reported on social networks that the restaurant chain also specialized in fried chicken, KFC Venezuela was accepting DASH in its facilities, but in alliance with another Dash team, known as Dash Merchant. However, the CEO of KFC Venezuela, Antonio Sampayo, in exclusive statements to CriptoNoticias, denied such information, noting that although there have been talks to conduct tests in one of its facilities, nothing has yet been finalized in this regard.


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