Researcher shows that it is possible to spend the same coins twice in Bitcoin Cash SV

Bitcoin Cash SV,one of the cryptocurrencies that emerged after the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash,suffered another serious blow, after a researcher showed how any user couldspend the same currencies twice in their network in a “0-conftransaction”.

Through a video published on the Vimeo platform, the researcher known as “Reizu” managed the “double spending” of the BSV tokens in a “0 conf transaction”, which demonstrates the vulnerability of the network to attacks. Reizu commented on Honest Cash, a social network based on BCH created after the Hard Fork that “I have done a lot of expenses in the Bitcoin SV network”.

In his research, Reizu came to the conclusion that the BSV network was “very centralized”. Out of a total of 450 nodes, Reize found that only four control 75 percent of the total network hashrate. “After a few minefields, I discovered that the transactions that were being mined were those that were almost always sent to the same nodes,” said the researcher.

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One of the main problems of Bitcoin cash was the transaction of 0 conf. In fact, in the Bitcoin Cash network, two double-spending attempts are made daily, with a success rate of 22%. While this fork was supposed to lead to an improvement in the Blockchain, it resulted in the creation of two rival chains due to the support of the miners.

BSV has faced difficulties since the beginning since its creation in the middle of last month. Beginning with the fact that several Exchanges assigned the acronym BCH to Bitcoin Cash ABC.

Also part of the community accused her of being more centralized than her rival. However, this has not prevented BSV, in the sun today, from having a higher value than Bitcoin Cash ABC.



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