In Spain, the Legal Training on Blockchain is already a reality.

The General Council of Spanish Law and the Blockchain Intelligence Law Institute have signed a collaboration agreement to design and organize different training activities in order to promote knowledge about blockchain technology.

The president of the General Council of the Law, Victoria Ortega, and Almudena de la Mata, president of Blockchain Intelligence

The Blockchain Law Institute will design and develop an extensive training program on blockchain, while the General Council of the Law will participate in these courses by making available to Blockchain Intelligence its facilities and online platform for holding them. Likewise, the Spanish Lawyers will collaborate in the diffusion of these courses, in the realization of a cycle of conferences and in the design of activities like hackathons or enterprising challenges.

The next 28, 29 and 30 November the Blockchain Legal Institute organizes a course of ‘Legal Expert in Blockchain, Smart Contracts and ICOS’, to be held at the headquarters of the General Council of Lawyers (Paseo de Recoletos, 13. Madrid).

The blockchain technology is allowing the development of new business models and applications. The course is aimed at lawyers and legal professionals, members of the Public Administration, academics and teachers and companies that are evaluating the launch of a blockchain project and divided into five modules. The aspects that will be analyzed in these modules are: ‘Blockchain technology, bitcoin, ethereum and main legal challenges’,’ Digital identity ‘,’ Smart Contracts’, ‘ICOS’ and ‘Tokenization of assets. Legal aspects’. The theoretical training will be completed with different practical activities, such as the exploration of transactions in a blockchain or the programming of a Smart Contract in Solidity.

The General Council of Spanish Lawyers is committed to technological transformation, as evidenced by the fact that the XII National Congress of Lawyers, which will be held in May 2019 in Valladolid, will dedicate one of its thematic areas to technological transformation and social of the law, in addition to having a technology fair. The Legal Institute of Blockchain Intelligence will support the development of contents of the Congress.

The Spanish Lawyer is aware that new technologies generate uncertainties. Initiatives such as the agreement signed with the Legal Institute of Blockchain Intelligence aim to help lawyers so that new technologies become a tool to improve their work.

Source: El Derecho , Abogacia

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