Santiago de Chile will host this month Hackathon Blockchain.

The organizers of the Blockchain Summit Latam reported on the realization of a new hackathon in Chile. This time, together with the Santiago Stock Exchange and the Central Securities Depository of Chile. The activity will take place between November 23 and 24 in the spaces of the stock exchange.

Contestants will have 18 hours to complete the test and can take up to 10 million Chilean pesos in prizes, which is equivalent to more than US $ 14,500, including services, gifts from sponsors, as well as Microsoft and IBM awards. The activity will also have the support of ConsenSys. The organization has set the limit for the contest in 80 participants and Godzillion, a project focused on decentralized crowfunding, will pose challenges.

The event is intended for interested programmers to design proposals to solve a series of challenges posed by the sponsoring companies implementing Blockchain. Participants will be able to design and operate their solutions through the networks of Ethereum, Hyperledger, Azure, NEO, NEM, among others.

The Hackathon will also have technical talks and advice given by important ecosystem participants, who will share their knowledge to illustrate the participants regarding the properties and specifications for the design of the respective solutions.

The idea of ​​the event is to promote in the Chilean region an ecosystem capable of competing worldwide in the creation of projects using blockchain technology.

Source: Hackathon , Criptotendencias

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