Venezuelan government announces agreement with AirEuropa and starts selling petros in USD, euro and yuan.

The Petro is backed by part of the Venezuelan State’s natural reserves. It will allow you to save and acquire goods and services quickly, safely and reliably

The sale of digital currency officially begins on Monday, October 29, for which interested persons must attend the headquarters of the Petroleum Superintendence of Venezuela and register with the agency.

According to information published by local media, the Venezuelan government will formally begin operations with the controversial cryptocurrency Petro, since as of next week, interested people will be able to acquire digital assets using euros, yuan and dollars as a means of payment.

The information was announced by the vice president of the economic area, Tareck El Aissami, who during a press conference clarified that as of Monday, October 29, any person interested in buying the digital currency may do so through the means established by the National government.

In this regard, El Aissami commented: “Starting on Monday, the sale of petro in convertible currency will start in cash, euros, yuan and dollars”. He added: “(Those interested) should go to the Superintendency of Petro to register and access the acquisition of Petro.”

The Venezuelan vice president assured that from October 29 the population will be able to acquire petros with other convertible digital currencies (Bitcoin or Ethereum) through the website, and pointed out that the ticket offices will be working from that day in the Superintendence of Cryptocurrency to receive foreign currency. in cash in the center of Caracas.

In addition, the vice president for the Economic Area, Tareck El Aissami, said that the agreements that the Government of Venezuela acquired in the last week for the purchase of goods and the payment of services in petro exceeded 500 million dollars. “We have already signed purchase contracts that exceed 500 million dollars in this first week,” he told reporters in downtown Caracas.

The official stressed that all suppliers that accept petro as payment mechanisms are welcome. The name of the petro was first heard in Venezuela at the end of 2017 and in February 2018 it was pre-sold.

Regarding the sale of the petroleum, El Aissami pointed out that on the website of the cryptocurrency, citizens can download the digital wallet and see the icons “petro compra, petro pago and petro ahorro”. As of October 29, the “petro compra”, said the vice president, will be available and the two remaining from November 5, three days before the payment of passports in that cryptocurrency begins, according to what was announced. by Vice President Delcy Rodríguez.

Likewise, Aissami indicated that there will be two modalities for the purchase of petros, one is through the web, using other digital currencies such as bitcoin and ethereum, and in hard currency in the ticket offices of the Superintendence of Cryptocurrencies in the center of Caracas.

As for the digital wallets for computers with the Android system, the official noted that “temporarily” are not available by Google’s decision, until each of the cryptocurrencies is checked.

“That is to say, the wallets for mobile devices have been temporarily suspended, for the petro and for all the cryptocurrencies of the world, they are reactivating as long as a new contract with Google is re-established,” he added.

The Government of Venezuela created the petro as a mechanism to deal with the sanctions imposed by the United States, which affect the State bonds and the financing of its main industry Petróleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA).

The value of this cryptoactive is based on a formula of the price of oil and other natural resources of Venezuela (50% crude, 20% gold, 20% iron, and 10% diamond).

At the moment it is not very clear which are the mechanisms or respective requirements to be able to carry out the acquisition of the digital currency driven by the Venezuelan government, so it seems that the interested persons must appear at the facilities of the Superintendence and make the registration in person, since the web page of the organization ( as well as that of El Petro (

The Aissami indicated that from the moment in which people acquire the digital currency they will be able to see the balance reflected in their digital wallets, as well as the data associated with the respective transaction. At the same time, he invited people to be attentive since in the next few days they would begin the savings plan in Petros, of which Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro will offer more details soon.

Agreements with Air Europa for the tourist area

In addition to the announcements made before, the vice president of the economic area also informed during the press conference that the State had made an alliance with Air Europa, to “strengthen the tourism sector” in accordance with government plans.

According to information published by the El Universal news portal, El Aissami said that the airline agreed with the national government to carry out commercial operations with the Venezuelan cryptocurrency, indicating:

“The company Air Europa has agreed that all operations that contemplate these investment agreements will have their support in petro”.


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