The number two of tennis joins celebrity tokens fever.

The tennis player number two according to the world ranking of the Association of Tennis Women (WTA), Caroline Wozniacki, signed on Thursday in Singapore an agreement to launch her own celebrity token, bringing the fever of cryptoactives to the tennis industry.

On the eve of the conclusion of the WTA final in Singapore, Wozniacki and the crypto active company, Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX), signed a contract that will allow the tennis player to create a token with her personal brand, which will be in circulation in 2019, according to a Reuters cable.

The celebrity token, as this type of cryptoactives is known, will allow fans of the tennis player to acquire exclusive merchandise related to the athlete and priority to attend matches and special events where they can interact with Wozniacki.

The tennis player, who has already had other incursions into the world of cryptoactives with a blockchain application that motivates people to exercise, said she is one of the first female athletes to own her own token, a step she considers important in an ecosystem where few women have wanted to be actively involved.

“Being the first female athlete to have her own chip is really cool. I hope to expand that before other people start using it.”

It is also one of the first initiatives to bring cryptographic assets to the world of tennis, in a sport industry that is increasingly involved with tokens. For example, the cryptocurrency fever began in football with launches of cryptoactives by several teams the vast majority based in Brazil and also with accomplished stars such as Lionel Messi and Ronaldihno who announced initiatives related to the cryptoactive market.

In keeping with this trend, Michael Owen, former English footballer and gold ball winner, will follow in Wozniacki’s footsteps in launching his own crypto with the same company. Also, the well known boxer Manny Pacquiao and the American singer Jason Derulo are other celebrities who have decided to offer their fans exclusive tokens of their personal brand.

GCOX, the company that is closing these offers, has not specified when they can start acquiring these celebrity tokens. However, in the Singapore event they said that a tentative date for the release of the Owen or Pacquiao chips could be between the first months of 2019.

Likewise, they also specified that celebrity tokens can only be acquired if users previously own tokens of the company, identified as ACM; a business model that will allow them to profit from the profits of celebrities.


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