Brazilian presidential candidate registers his government plan in Decred.

Cryptoactive technology became a topic on the agenda in the final stage of the Brazilian elections. The candidate for the presidency of Brazil, Fernando Haddad, announced on his website that he has registered his government plan in a blockchain, to deal with the disinformation companies.

Haddad, who will compete with Jair Bolsonaro in the second round, used the Decred block chain to leave an unalterable record of his proposal. According to his website, during the electoral campaign false news (fake news) has been disseminated that have distorted his message. That is why he decided to resort to this “innovative technology and incorruptible records distributed by computers around the world,” to avoid manipulation.

The registration was in charge of the company OriginalMy, which specializes in establishing authentic documents in blockchain. The corresponding transaction was confirmed in the network of Decred last Sunday, October 14, according to the certificate issued by the platform.

Although the issue of cryptocurrencies and the chain of blocks was not central to the Brazilian campaign, it was addressed by several of the presidential hopefuls. Among those who had the most favorable positions towards the cryptoactives was the candidate Joao Amoedo, with his proposal for digital government, who finished in fifth place in the first round. Two other candidates who showed their inclination for cryptocurrencies and the use of the block chain in the transparency were Gerardo Alckmin and Marina Silva, who obtained the fourth and eighth place respectively.

The candidates who achieved their pass to the second round, scheduled for next October 28, have not publicly expressed what their policy on cryptocurrencies will be, of reaching the presidency. However, during the election campaign it was said that a government of Jair Bolsonaro would be favorable for the industry.

On the other hand, the candidate Fernando Haddad has given this first concrete sample of his affinity with the technology of the cryptoactives. However, its website indicates that it has maintained a favorable stance towards the use of new technologies in public management.

The boom in cryptoactive technology and cryptocurrencies in Brazil has prompted some actions by public entities. On September 5 a group of deputies took the initiative to create the Joint Parliamentary Front of Blockchain and Digital Assets, to promote favorable regulations in the field of cryptoactives in the South American country.


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