Sony develops digital rights management with Blockchain.

The management of digital rights or DRM has been used for many years by the major players in the content and distribution industry. Among them have stood out, Apple, Microsoft, Valve, Amazon or Sony, with a result almost always unsuccessful. Therefore, the Japanese company Sony, has been put to work to develop a new DRM based on blockchain.

Thanks to the advances Sony has made in this regard with Sony Global Education, the company already had a good base from which to start in authentication, rights management, shared files and information processing rights. The need to use blockchain, according to the statement, is based on the new scenario that exists in the distribution of content, which in turn continues to depend on outdated DRM.

The new system will be specialized in written works, with functions that pay special attention to verify through Blockchain relevant data such as the date and time when the document was created. In addition, companies and users who participate in the system can identify previously written work.

Also, the new DRM based on blockchain will register this information in the files to prevent copying, but it does not end there. One of the great historical problems of the industry, in the commercialization, is not so much in preventing the copy, which is something that has proved almost impossible against what to fight, but in the granting of the authorship of the rights. With the blockchain, Sony ensures the verification will be done automatically and less problematically.

With the system, which is currently in the prototype phase, Sony hopes to achieve rights management applicable to more fields, since the system lends itself to be used with educational content, music, movies, e-books, among others. From the company, do not rule out using it in many more fields, beyond the management of content rights. Sony Global Education, for now, will use the new DRM with educational content, and is considering marketing it as a service for third parties to use it.

Source: Sonyged , CBR

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