Bytecoin, Bitcoin, Monero and Petro, among the figures of the week.

As of 2018, the cryptoactive market seems to be stabilizing its value. So far no major movements have been presented, neither upward nor downward. Even so, many developers are still working on launching new projects and services. Also in improving the cryptocurrency networks that are still in operation, despite the little novelty in the market.

Among the news of the week include:

Binance eliminated Bytecoin (BCN), Chatcoin (CHAT), Iconomi (ICN) and Triggers (TRIG), on October 12 of its list and the price of all of them were affected, especially BCN.

During the Bitcoin Scaling Conference, Xapo’s Bitcoin Core developer Anthony Towns presented a proposal to reduce the energy consumption of the Bitcoin Work Test. He pointed out that its implementation could be carried out through a soft bifurcation.

Bitcoin mining is very close to reaching 5 billion dollars of net profit for this 2018, exceeding 2017 revenues. However, market profitability decreases more and more due to electrical costs and hashrate.

The QuadrigaXC exchange house, based in Vancouver, filed legal actions against the Imperial Bank of Commerce of Canada (CIBC) for freezing in January different accounts belonging to the payment processor of the platform and its owner.


The cryptocurrency created by the Venezuelan government begins to function as a unit of account for prices of goods and services despite the fact that Venezuelans still do not have access to it.

An anonymous puzzle of 310 BTC was announced last week and the prize has already been claimed. The prize is equivalent to almost 2 million dollars.

Beryllium Bullet is version 0.13.2 of the Monero client and will definitely include Bulletproofs, to make network operations cheaper and easier.

Although few should attract cryptocurrencies when they are in a bear market, it is the best time to filter the good projects of others who do not have much future. Probably, this is what change houses have been doing with the recent measures that Poloniex, Bittrex and Binance have taken, by removing cryptoactives with few market movements and at the level of their developer teams.

On the other hand, the most solid projects continue to bring new applications and versions of their clients. In the end, in all this new world of cryptocurrencies, only projects that have demonstrated their value and have managed to maintain it, despite adversity and high competition, will remain.


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