Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia will host the Blockchain Accelerator event.

The Córdoba Bitcoin community, together with important organizations and Latin American companies, have the pleasure to announce the launch of the Blockchain Accelerator, the first training event especially aimed at developers interested in learning about blockchain technology and its applications for the design of solutions, which will take place in three countries of South America.

This initiative has been promoted thanks to the local teams of the foundation in Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia, and also has the support of BlockBear, Atlares, Municipality of Córdoba, Academia Bitcoin Cordoba – Docta, Blas Pascal University, Catholic University of Cordoba, IES University College, ITS Villada, 21st Century University, Fedesoft, Blockchain Center, Synergy CryptoAdviser, Bogota Chamber of Commerce, among other organizations and companies.

The main objective of Blockchain Accelerator is to create the first academic circuit in universities and educational institutions in Córdoba through which is a cryptocurrency that encourages and promotes blockchain education.

This is the day of # CBU2018 University Blockchain Congress, is to present to each university and institution a new form of educational funding, incentive for teachers and students who have the same opportunities in quality of knowledge that countries access and are at the technological forefront, promoting new economies and prosperous social changes in the quality of life of its inhabitants, since we believe that education is the most important pillar that a society must have to overcome crises, evolve and make opportunities more equitable.

Among the objectives contemplated by Blockchain Accelerator is to share with the assistants aspects about the operation of the blockchain networks, participate in sessions for the design of programming codes, learn about important Blockchain projects that are being developed in Latin America and acquire knowledge counting on of important participants of the local ecosystems, as well as the presence of Shin Tatt, one of the most outstanding developers of the NEM Foundation.

As part of the thematic content, basic introduction topics will be addressed, such as What is Blockchain? What are consensus protocols and how do they work? and How are transactions carried out through a Blockchain network?

It will also address more advanced content linked to the technological properties offered by NEM technology, as well as the properties offered by its new update Catapult, which was officially launched this year.

To carry out the above, Blockchain Accelerator has programmed a series of activities in each of the countries where it will take place.

  • Uruguay will have a training program especially directed to sectors linked to the Central Government.
  • Colombia will be leading the training and training sessions especially for the community of developers in the country.
  • Argentina will host a series of conferences led by local experts. It will also organize programming and coding sessions for experienced programmers. And finally, the organizers will also carry out a Hackathon for the design of solutions with technology   blockchain .

The event will take place between October 22 and 25 in Uruguay; from October 22 to November 2 in Argentina; and from November 3 to 7 in Colombia. Attendance at any of the activities is completely free and some require prior registration

For more information about the agenda and activities, visit the Accelerator Blockchain website.

Source: Accelerator Blockchain , Criptonoticias

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