The Opera browser will explore blockchain applications.

Opera has created a strategic partnership with the financial services firm and consultancy of blockchain Ledger Capital to explore the potential use of blockchain applications.

Based on the formal announcement, both companies are exploring to investigate applications and blockchain use cases in terms of how technology can be implemented within Opera’s products and its entire ecosystem.

Opera became the first major web browser that contains a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. Commenting on the initiative, the crypto portfolio of Product Lead of Opera, Charles Hamel said in his statement that “paying with the cryptographic wallet is like sending digital cash directly from your phone … This opens up new possibilities for merchants and content creators by same”.

In the middle of this, Opera, presented a special edition of “Labs” of its desktop web browser with cryptographic wallet incorporated in this month where the new edition will consolidate users to authenticate Web 3.0 transactions and decentralized applications (DApp) executed in their computers with the help of your Android-based phone. “Labs” is supposedly completely practical with the mobile crypto wallet.

Last year, in December, Opera incorporated anti-cryptography cryptography into its integrated advertising blocker for its desktop browser, and then expanded to its mobile browser as well. Last month, another important web browser, Firefox formally submitted that it will block crypto jacking malware in future future releases.

Opera was founded in 1995 in Norway. In 2017, it is believed that the company generated operating income of $ 128.9 million with net income of $ 6.1 million, while its user base amounted to 322 million people worldwide in the first quarter of 2018. In June 2018, Opera submitted an initial public offering in the United States as it explores to raise up to $ 115 million.

Source: Opera , Cointelegraph

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