Chopsticks API Gives BCH Application Developers Options During a Contentious Fork.

On Thursday, September 27, developers announced the launch of an application programming interface (API) called The Chopsticks API is for application developers or advanced users that are worried about the possibility of a contentious fork this November.

Everyone knows a Bitcoin Cash hard fork is scheduled for November 15th of this year and at the moment there is a controversial disagreement in regards to the upgrade changes. Yesterday the development team launched a protocol that allows application developers and advanced users to avoid any forking disruptions. Essentially they have created in an advanced API that allows people to submit their raw signed transactions to all post-November-15-fork Bitcoin Cash chains. Right now there is the possibility of codebase changes stemming from Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin SV, and Bitcoin Naybc developed by the lead XT programmer Tom Harding.

“Unfortunately, the likelihood of the BitcoinCash community (BCH/XBC) having to contend with a contentious fork on November 15, 2018 is quite high at this time,” explain the developers of (a business and social network). which records reference and interest tests in the chain). “No one knows how things will go during this period of contentious bifurcation, and which Bitcoin cash holders will survive and have the support of the community.”

The creators of Chopsticks add:

“The first Bitcoin Cash users and application developers like us in can not risk losing any of their transactions during this period, and we absolutely need to continue operating during the controversial fork: the solution we propose here with Chopsticks .cash en Provide an API that records transactions in each Bitcoin Cash post-holder chain (XBC, XBS, XBN, etc.). “

In a publication written on the social media network, the founder of, Romain Pellerin says that the process of using chopsticks if the chain is divided will double the funds held in each chain. Pellerin details that it will not cost a user more money to register it in this way. “And finally, we’ll see how things will go and what chain (s) will decide to support the market, and which one will continue to operate,” adds Pellerin.

Chopsticks is currently active and the development team expects more programmers to contribute to the platform’s Github repository. Currently, the API uses a written implementation of golang and an SH script, but the developers are looking to provide more clients.

“Bitcoin Cash application developers will not be held hostage in conflicts opposed to miners and / or protocol developers, and will be able to follow each chain without incurring additional costs: BCH application developers will be able to operate their businesses normally during the conflictive period, “The creators of Chopsticks conclude.


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