Italian football club becomes the first to be purchased with cryptocurrencies.

The Italian football club of Serie C Rimini FC 1912 became the first team in history to be bought in cryptocurrency. The buyer is Heritage Sports Holdings, a company founded in 2013 that deals with investments in the world of sports and football.

Heritage Sports Holdings already owns Gibraltar United, a football club that plays in the Gibraltar Premier Division and is the first club in the world that pays part of the salaries of its players in cryptocurrency.

The confirmation comes from the president Giorgio Grassi in a press conference: “The negotiations had an acceleration in the last week, I am a company of the UAE that deals with investments in the world of sports and football. The sale of 25% of the club will come in collaboration with Quantocoin, a cryptic coin part of the same HSH. This morning we signed a preliminary for 25% of the company’s shares.”

According to Pablo Dana, partner of Quantocoin, the purchase will be the first of many that your company wants to make in the industry. He believes that the cryptocurrency offers a unique opportunity to fight corruption in a sport that has been rocked by a series of high-profile scandals involving cash, such as the accusation that Qatar bought votes by winning the right to organize the Copa del Rey. World in 2022.

The Quantocoin payment system executed by blockchain records each instance when a payment is made through a system of autonomous, incorruptible and constantly updated nodes. Therefore, the money paid between football officials, players and agents can be continuously monitored to ensure that bribes and bribes are not paid.

“We are working exactly on the ideas that UEFA wants to put into practice. This is transparency in football and we seek to reduce corruption through our Quantocoin platform,” explains Dana.

The world of football, particularly in Europe, has certainly adopted more and more cryptocurrencies. While UEFA has not issued an official declaration on cryptocurrencies, the use of mobile currencies such as Quantocoin fits in with the organization’s new initiatives to fight corruption, fraud and money laundering. For example, UEFA has revealed that next season European clubs will have to disclose information about how much their teams are spending on salaries and players’ fees to agents. The nature of blockchain technology can guarantee that this is done accurately. The organization also seemed to show its support for the technology when it successfully tested the tickets for the UEFA Super Cup final between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid through a blockchain application based on mobile phones.

Source: SkySports , EWN

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