Hong Kong in pursuit of immigrants with experience in blockchain.

Job seekers from around the world with talent and experience in blockchain technology will be favored in Hong Kong, due to the immigration policy that seeks to attract talented professionals. This week, the Hong Kong government presented its first “List of talents to attract quality people” from around the world who specialize in 11 specific professions as the most important job profiles needed for the economic development of the country.

The “experts in innovation and technology” in the Blockchain, along with artificial intelligence (AI), data engineering, robotics, biometrics and industrial / chemical engineering are among the specialties sought.

The Hong Kong chairman of the Human Resources Planning Commission, Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, said: “Hong Kong welcomes talented people from all over the world with valuable skills, knowledge and experience to work here, putting their talent at stake. and further developing their careers. “

The government is attracting candidates by facilitating the immigration of eligible people through the Hong Kong Immigrant Admission System (QMAS).

Established in 2006 for all citizens, over 18 years of age, QMAS has a quota of 1000 applicants selected to “improve the economic competitiveness of Hong Kong”, in accordance with the plan’s objective. This allows successful applicants to enter and settle in the region, without first having to secure a job offer from a local employer.

“Successful applicants are not required to have obtained a local job offer prior to their entry into Hong Kong for liquidation,” Kin-chung says, marking an important distinction compared to other categories of work-related visas commonly chosen by Hong Kong. professionals looking to enter and work in Hong Kong.

Applicants must meet certain prerequisites by opting to be evaluated under a “General points test” or a “Performance-based point test”. Blockchain specialists will see ‘bonuses’ granted under the QMAS General Points Test, the government confirmed.

Applicants must also demonstrate financial independence with an academic background, “usually a first degree from a recognized university or a tertiary education institution”. Proven professional skills or technical qualifications will be taken into account as exceptions to basic education qualifications.

Reference: criptotendencia.com

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